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Obituaries note the passing of former ACP leaders.
1 Sep 2021

Supporting grieving patients after a loss

There are ways to talk to patients after the death of a loved one, recognize tips for diagnosing and managing prolonged grief disorder, and access grief counselors for referral.
1 Jan 2023

Staying connected: Touch over tech

ACP's new President addressed the physician-patient connection in his first column.
1 May 2022

New ACP-Curbsiders podcast episode available, ‘Hidden Curriculum’

The formal curriculum of medical education must be reinforced and enhanced by the hidden curriculum conveyed in medical schools, residency programs, hospitals, clinics, and team rooms.
20 Nov 2018

ACP releases policy to address disparities, discrimination in health care

ACP lays out a framework that confronts the various, interconnected, and compounding aspects of U.S. society that contribute to poorer health outcomes for persons based on their race, ethnicity, religion, and/or cultural identities.
12 Jan 2021

Patient Priorities Care curriculum considers older patients' care goals

This approach can reduce unwanted and unhelpful treatment and may improve outcomes.
29 Oct 2019

ACP Advance Physician-Led Coaching Service showcased in Nov. 6 webinar

The 30-minute webinar will provide an overview of the new coaching service, as well as how the program can help participants achieve needs and quality goals.
29 Oct 2019

Latest Core IM podcast episode features “Casablanca Strategy” of diagnosis

The Casablanca Strategy involves reflexively ordering a stereotyped battery of lab tests, and even experienced physicians use it in real-world practice.
22 Oct 2019

ACP Health Policy Internship Program accepting applications through Oct. 31

Interns will have the opportunity to attend congressional hearings and coalition meetings and accompany government affairs staff on lobbying visits to members of Congress.
24 Sep 2019

New online collection of point-of-care ultrasound modules available

The new modules are free to ACP members, offer CME, and cover topics including lung ultrasound, deep venous thrombosis, and cardiac imaging.
8 Oct 2019

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