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Letters to the Editor

As a practicing physician over the last 30 years (general internal medicine and geriatrics<a>primary care), I've seen the cost of seeing a patient go up far faster than
September 2012

PQRI improvements based on physician feedback, says CMS

Many of the 153 individual measures most relevant to internists—including those for diabetes, coronary artery disease, and some geriatrics measures—only require one eligible encounter report during the 12-month
April 2009


Allan L. Goulding, FACP, an internist dedicated to geriatric care, died on Sept. ... Dr. Goulding had a particular interest in geriatrics and worked as medical director for four years at St.
November 2009

Years after leaving practice, some doctors choose to return

Fortunately, he had maintained medical licenses in a number of states and recertified in geriatrics.
February 2011

The danger of hospitalization

As an academic hospitalist, I see how the hospital affects patients. The hospital has become a necessary evil for those who are very sick. B...
February 2020

Positions on health care reform aren't all black and white

CMS. There has been progress. The RUC recently agreed to add two more seats, one for geriatrics and one for primary care, in addition to the current seats for ACP, the ... Other improvements in the way that the RUC and CMS establish relative values are
July 2012

Uptake of herpes zoster vaccine linked to supply

David Reuben, MD, FACP, chief of geriatrics at the University of California, Los Angeles, David Geffen School of Medicine, said that in his experience with a geriatric population, the side effects
October 2019

Diving into delicate patient conversations

Even geriatric patients should be questioned about their sexual history. “My oldest HIV patient is 88 years old,” Dr.
June 2012

Treat the epidemic of medical nonadherence

Marcum, PharmD, MS, assistant professor in the Division of Geriatric Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh.
May 2014

Nominees named for ACP Officers and Regent positions

She cites as areas of special interest primary care and preventative medicine, special medical problems of women, geriatric medicine, difficult diagnosis and medical peer review.
November 2008

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