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Helping older patients 'age in place'

The initial geriatric assessment should cover four domains of functioning: physical, cognitive, psychological, and social, Dr. ... No matter how internists approach the geriatric assessment, "At the core, physician-patient conversations are based on trust
May 2017

Hospice: mission creep

Who set this up for you?”. -It was one of those “home doctors.” Geriatric care providers that offer house calls to infirm seniors when it’s too hard for them to
April 2020

In the News

The American Geriatrics Society updated guidelines nearly eliminating non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) in drug management of persistent pain in elderly patients. ... The guidelines and a patient tip sheet are online, and the guidelines will
June 2009

Over and out

I highly recommend a provocative essay by Ezekial Emanuel that appears in the October 2014 issue of the Atlantic. Dr. Emanuel is a prominen...
April 2020

Take time to ease the pain of elderly patients

Ferrell, who is a professor of clinical medicine and geriatrics at the University of California, Los Angeles. ... Schmader, MD, FACP, a professor of medicine and chief of geriatrics at Duke University in Durham, N.C.
July 2013

Lessons from an outbreak

This issue also covers preexposure prophylaxis for HIV, adult survivors of congenital heart disease, and age-friendly geriatric care.
March 2020

Managing HIV with testing, prevention

Over half of people living with HIV are older than 50, and many are entering the geriatric population,” said Dr.
March 2020

Will baby boomers' clout lead to better care for the elderly?

Q: What can medical educators do to encourage more medical students to choose careers in primary care and geriatrics? ... Longevity medicine is the positive force of keeping people alive, functioning, and going, whereas geriatric medicine is the repair
February 2008

Shared visits improve access, productivity and satisfaction

Scott, FACP, associate professor of medicine and geriatrics at the University of Colorado in Denver, developed the cooperative health care clinic (CHCC) model in 1991 while at Kaiser Permanente. ... Scott. He established a group attended each month by
October 2009

Resist the urge to overtreat bacteriuria

Finucane, emeritus professor in the division of geriatric medicine and gerontology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore. ... But in his commentary in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society, Dr.
July 2019

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