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Son's plea to prolong life at any cost sparks ethical quandary

What ethical grounds could ICU staff have for refusing, allowing her to die when she might live?
September 2008

Why should medical ethics matter?

These great issues hover over us. We physicians face ethical dilemmas every day in the mundane world of our medical practices. ... Here is a sampling from the everyday ethical smorgasbord that a doctor faces.
November 2019

Do all medical societies meet in Lake Woebegone?

They usually take the opportunity to rip on other specialties--"I know you guys don't do this, but those surgeons." But during today's session on ethical dilemmas (which was
November 2019

When test results go missing, an internist searches for answers

Mueller contributes to Ethical Dilemmas, a regular column appearing in ACP Internist.
November 2019

HeLa, HIPAA and the ethics of informed consent

What is interesting to me about the Henrietta Lacks story is comparing the evolution of biomedical research ethics in that era (1940s-70s) with the ethical dilemmas that face us today. ... Is it a witch-hunt, or is the cleansing of these relationships
November 2019

In-office research can trip up even the most ethical doctors

To simplify ethical decisions, some physicians are choosy about the projects they agree to take on. ... Those who talked to ACP Observer about office-based research offered the following advice for avoiding ethical dilemmas:.
January 2008

Do placebos have a place in clinical practice?

See sidebar: “Are placebos ethical?”). “It's clear from the research that there is a disconnect between the current official standards of what is legitimate and not legitimate in terms of ... Tilburt said. “Placebos create huge moral dilemmas for
April 2009

A patient finds that his treatment is worse than the disease

Notably, there are no ethical or legal distinctions between withholding a treatment and withdrawing a previously consented treatment after it has been started. ... Another reason may be that the cardiologist and patient are unaware of the ethical and
June 2008

Editor's Note: Family ties help close the generation gap

We have received many responses to our new columns, Ethical Dilemmas by Lachlan Forrow, FACP, and Mindful Medicine by Jerome Groopman, FACP, and Pamela Hartzband, FACP.
April 2008

Social networking is a hit but will it change practice?

issues. Have a comment about the latest Ethical Dilemmas column by guest commentator Paul S.
April 2009

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