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Warning about cybersecurity; constipation drug approved

In effect, the approval allows patients ages 2 and older and their clinicians to use results directly from the device to make diabetes treatment decisions.
March 2017

Fixing the system to fight burnout

Dr. Brown suggested that doctors try ordering the lab work for patients' next visits, say for a diabetes checkup, before they walk out the door.
November 2016

Visits can be more productive when patients set the agenda

University of California-San Diego psychologist whose work focuses on patient self-management in diabetes. ... Glaseroff's patient had her diabetes under better control and, perhaps more importantly, was feeling much more positive about herself.
March 2008

DME requests pose practice problems

One pattern he's noticed in a few cases involves patients with diabetes who are already working with a DME provider and are told they might be eligible for other nondiabetic
July 2014

Sleep disorders may be overlooked on exams

Sleep problems are common in patients with hypertension or diabetes. Photo by ... Wyatt. “They should think about sleep apnea with these patients just as they would automatically screen for diabetes in an obese person.”.
February 2012

Treat metabolic syndrome's many components

in terms of dietary interventions, individual and group diabetes education programs, and structured exercise programs. ... Don't threaten patients with diabetes; rather, take an educational role. Evaluate the patient for sleep apnea.
March 2011

Peer-led education requires strategy to be effective

Photo by Photodisc. In a paper in the September 2011 Diabetes Care, Dr. ... Philis-Tsimikas and her colleagues noted the success of a Project Dulce peer-led diabetes self-management program for Mexican-Americans.
October 2015

Building the medical home starts in school

Who is going to pay for the pharmacist, the social worker, the dietician, the diabetes nurse educator, etc?”. ... Recently added content in the tool includes modules on managing patient medication and engaging patients, with additional modules on
November 2011

The best self-management is ‘specific, do-able and realistic’

The introduction makes the point that diabetes complications are easier to prevent than to treat,” said Dr. ... The portal offers a wide range of resources, from patient education materials and health-improvement guidance to detailed information on lab
April 2008

New warnings added on multiple diabetes drugs

This update also covers a risk evaluation and mitigation strategy for liraglutide and approval of a new PCSK9 inhibitor.
November 2015

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