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Telemedicine connects remote areas with care

A large part of her work is follow-up for chronic conditions like diabetes or hypertension, but she also does general primary care.
April 2008

Integrating oral health into primary care

Diabetes is the best example of a systemic condition that puts you at risk for oral diseases,” said Dr. ... Lamster. “Our research shows that diabetes and poor metabolic condition increases the risk of periodontal disease and makes existing disease
November 2021

Internists healing tsunami's aftereffects

and diabetes, among others, that had been exacerbated by a lack of medicine since the earthquake.
September 2011

A brave new world of consumer gene tests

If, for example, one were to add up the markers for diabetes that have been discovered to date, they would total about 20. ... Yet these 20 predict only 5%-10% of the total heritable risk for developing type 2 diabetes, Dr.
July 2009

Patients find medical home in Pennsylvania

In adult practices, the initial focus of the collaborative was on diabetes care (pediatric practices concentrated on asthma). ... Crimm. The practices also streamlined the process of getting the routine aspects of diabetes care—vaccinations, foot exams,
April 2009

Volunteer internists help to rebuild Haiti

Dr. Close, who normally cares for patients with diabetes and other chronic diseases, said the influx also caused “collateral damage” by pushing aside patients who weren't injured in the disaster.
May 2010

HIV comes of age as disease of mid-to-late life

Kilby said. An HIV diagnosis these days triggers some of the same emotional and lifestyle challenges as, for example, a diagnosis of type 1 diabetes, he said. ... An HIV diagnosis doesn't necessarily complicate treatment for common conditions like
November 2011

Rethinking the value of the annual exam

Everyday Choices. The American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association and American Heart Association joined in this initiative to better inform clinicians and patients on screenings for common diseases.
January 2010

Internal Medicine Meeting 2022 goes hybrid

Whether it's treating substance use disorders, which is what I do, or if it's cardiac monitoring, or if it's looking at diabetes outcomes, I think we're going ... In addition to familiar topics like cardiology, advances in therapy, and diabetes, this
March 2022

Taking the leap forward to precision medicine

While the emphasis of precision medicine is now on cancer research and treatment because cancer is inherently genetic, future research will look at diabetes and heart disease as well. ... Instead of treating type 2 diabetes as a single disease, eventual
September 2015

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