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Get comfortable talking about obesity

Kimberly N. Sims, MD, FACP, explains ways to make obesity counseling easier for patients and for their doctors.
1 Apr 2022

USPSTF lowers age for starting diabetes screening from 40 to 35 years

Primary care clinicians should screen all overweight or obese adults ages 35 to 70 years for diabetes and prediabetes and should offer interventions for those with either condition, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) recently recommended.
31 Aug 2021

Teaching diabetes self-management ‘basic survival skills'

Diabetes self-management education is cost-efficient and can improve A1c levels “far greater” than the effect required to approve a new drug for the disease. Smartphones, health coaches and educators are part of the new paradigm to help patients.
1 Sep 2012

Register now for ACP webinar on CGM for type 2 diabetes management in primary care

An ACP webinar on June 15 will teach primary care clinicians how to identify good candidates for continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) and how to use CGM data to empower patients to improve their type 2 diabetes self-management.
25 May 2021

Finances can offer clues to cognitive problems

A study found that patients with Alzheimer's disease and related dementias were more likely to miss payments on credit accounts as early as six years before diagnosis and to develop subprime credit scores 2.5 years before diagnosis.
1 May 2022

Diabetes Collaborative Registry provides seamless view of diabetes patients across specialties

The American College of Cardiology, in partnership with the American Diabetes Association, the American College of Physicians, and Joslin Diabetes Center, has launched the Diabetes Collaborative Registry, the first clinical registry aimed at tracking and improving the quality of diabetes and cardiometabolic care across the primary and specialty care continuum.
17 Jun 2014

Type of insulin may affect hypoglycemia rates in older adults with type 2 diabetes, study finds

Risk may be lower with long-acting insulin analogs versus neutral protamine Hagedorn (NPH) insulin.
9 Mar 2021

Take a tiered approach to CVD

Primary care physicians' efforts are paying off as they promote primary prevention of cardiovascular disease, even in a time-pressed visit.
1 Feb 2022

CGM decreased HbA1c levels, hypoglycemia in patients with type 2 diabetes

Two industry-supported studies of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) found encouraging results in patients with type 2 diabetes, leading editorialists to call for broadened access to the technology in this population, particularly in primary care.
8 Jun 2021

Phone calls ease isolation during COVID-19

A trial measuring the effect of phone calls to homebound adults early in the pandemic found improvements in loneliness, depression, and anxiety.
1 Feb 2022

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