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Report on nurses' scope of practice requires clarification

We have asked for clarification on some recommendations of the IOM report. ... A recent perspective published in the New England Journal of Medicine provided some clarification on the report but still left us with some questions.
February 2011

The downfalls of medical care in rural America

Palliative medicine (intensive symptom management for chronic or serious illness, coordination of care and clarification of patient/family treatment & life goals) is a subspecialty in urban settings but is lacking and
April 2020

Fruit, fructose and frittering

took off and left the boring clarification behind.
April 2020

Is any alcohol dangerous to your health?

There is still one important clarification to append, however. Drinking alcohol, moderately, judiciously, and responsibly can still actually lower your overall health risk, depending on who you are.
April 2020

Debunking HIPAA myths in the digital age

The privacy component of HIPAA has been misunderstood by everybody since the beginning, and all previous attempts at clarification have failed, for the most part,” he said. ... The latest clarification attempts came in January and February, when the U.S
April 2016

Mission Impossible: getting a medical license in California

So I asked for clarification from the MBC. November 30, 2010--The licensing technician (LT) assigned to applicants with last names beginning with "J" clarified that he needed evidence that the
April 2020

Parsing the pros and cons of breast cancer screening

10, 2018, the USPSTF requested a clarification that there are different recommendations for screening, depending on the age groups being considered:. •
April 2020

Setting goals to improve quality under MIPS

Additionally, goals are more often achieved when they are undergirded by commitment, which fosters perseverance through obstacles, as well as feedback, which enables clarification and course correction.
March 2017

QD: News Every Day--Doctors struggle to interpret advance directives

The survey posed a fictitious living will with and without additional clarification in the form of code status.
April 2020

CMS proposes some revised requirements for chronic care

These requirements, which practices must meet in order to bill for this code, are an area about which ACP has expressed concern, provided feedback, and sought clarification.
September 2014

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