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Top 10 afib pearls manage cardiology's ‘bread and butter’ | ACP Internist

Atrial fibrillation has been called “the bread and butter” of cardiology, and a condition that impacts all aspects of internal medicine practice.

An even smaller feeding of cardiology and neurology : ACP Internist

If what I heard yesterday here at Internal Medicine 2012 were small feedings of the mind, then what I've got for you are some tasty crumbs: ...

Discussing lifetime vs. 10-year CVD risk estimates led to higher patient risk perception, willingness for therapy | ACP Internist Weekly | ACP Internist

Patients who were presented with cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk information using a pictogram had lower perception of risk and were less willing to consider therapy than those presented with a bar graph or no graphic at all.

Sham good! : ACP Internist

The results of a really interesting clinical trial were reported at the annual meeting of the American College of Cardiology and simultaneou...

New knowledge on human microbiome begins to impact practice | Internal Medicine Meeting 2018 News | ACP Internist

The first annual Dr. Ananda Prasad Lecture in Physiology highlighted the role of the human microbiome in health and disease.

Pollyanna : ACP Internist

Her: “Do you think we should do any more testing?” Me: “I think we should check another round of cardiac enzymes, don't you?” Her: “I don't ...

Listen more : ACP Internist

My first posting on this blog explained why I chose to name it “Auscultation.” I wrote that I wanted to promote a conversation, and that li...

Yelp! : ACP Internist

I have written previously about some “ aha moments “ that I have had as a clinician, when something that I knew was coming seemed to arrive ...

Holy (sacred) cow! : ACP Internist

The headline in the New York Times summarized the initial reaction of the cardiology community—”unbelievable”—but still seemed to understat...

In the News | ACP Internist

Cardiology criteria, ICD benefit in the elderly, and other recent news.

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