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These initial findings should provide reassurance to health care providers and to vaccine recipients and promote confidence in the safety of COVID-19 vaccines,” the CDC said. ... In other vaccine news, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices
February 2021

The push toward a COVID-19 vaccine

Others include how to make sure that vaccines are targeted to those who will most benefit from them and that vaccine research continues after an EUA. ... ACP members have already contributed to vaccine efforts by involvement in ACIP, Dr.
November 2020

The vaccine that went away.

The IDSA session "Why is there no vaccine for Lyme disease?" bucked that trend. ... Ben Beard. "Without their support, it's doubtful that vaccination would be successful.".
February 2021

Hints for preventive care in inflammatory bowel disease | Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News | ACP Internist

Of course we begin with age-appropriate vaccination, which we should be doing for all of our patients,” said Dr. ... If they aren't, we will redo it at the double dose of the vaccination.”.
April 2019

We are wrong to pin our hopes on a COVID-19 vaccine

an effective COVID-19 vaccine that will be the end to all our woes. ... data. Are we going to mandate everyone get the vaccine, or give people individual choice, like with other vaccines?
February 2021

Celebrities, candidates irresponsible about vaccination opinions

Celebrities, candidates irresponsible about vaccination opinions. Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has been in the health care headlines recently, saying the HPV vaccine was dangerous. ... Willoughby said, vaccine scares have caused vaccination
February 2021

Getting religion about vaccines

Getting religion about vaccines. As the current measles epidemic continues unabated, many are looking for explanations. ... As a Catholic, I would argue that it [vaccination] is a socially conscious thing to do.
February 2021

New evidence supports high-dose influenza vaccines

But one note of caution, having a high-dose vaccine that is 25% more effective isn't a huge improvement, since influenza vaccines in general aren't very effective. ... So high-dose influenza vaccine is a small step in the right direction, but more
February 2021

QD: News Every Day--HPV vaccine's effectiveness affirmed for early administration

QD: News Every Day--HPV vaccine's effectiveness affirmed for early administration. The quadrivalent human papilloma virus vaccine is most effective against cervical dysplasia when given to girls before they become ... Researchers looked at more than
February 2021

End or beginning for mandatory influenza vaccination of health care workers?

3. Offer additional sick leave to health care workers required to receive the vaccine. ... In this specific instance, influenza vaccine is associated with fever (especially high-dose vaccines that are associated with benefits in older adults).
February 2021

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