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Predicting heart disease with markers is risky undertaking

The current debate around the value of CRP for CHD risk assessment could be considered a warm-up for things to come. ... An additive, incremental approach to CHD risk assessment could conceivably drive up health care costs with little return on the
February 2009

New privacy rules may distract doctors from patient care

From what I can tell by reading the article and the rules, my practice will be responsible for a risk assessment program for health data. ... I don't want him spending a lot of time worrying if his storage locker is secure enough, if his "data risk
June 2019

QD: News Every Day--Risk-reducing surgeries may spare lives following breast cancer

QD: News Every Day--Risk-reducing surgeries may spare lives following breast cancer. ... of hereditary risk assessment.
June 2019

QD: News Every Day--Obesity trumps adiposity for cardiovascular risk

Rather, because excess adiposity is a major determinant of the intermediate risk factors noted above, our findings underscore the importance of controlling adiposity to help prevent cardiovascular disease.". ... Still, the authors said, adiposity remains
June 2019

QD: News Every Day--Coronary artery calcium the new risk marker that matters most

But measuring coronary artery calcium is expensive and exposes individuals to radiation, so its use for coronary risk assessment requires further evaluation. ... index, 19.3% overall [39.3% in those at intermediate risk, by Framingham]).
June 2019

ZIP codes of medical destiny

An article just published in Annals of Internal Medicine reported health outcomes in nearly 110, 000 people who had undergone cardiac risk assessment in the Cleveland Clinic Health System. ... The researchers applied the Pooled Cohort Equations Risk
June 2019


wellness. visits. The College strongly recommended that the health risk assessment should receive additional RVUs because of the additional work and practice expense it will require. ... The reimbursement for the health risk assessment will be included
December 2011

EHR era ushers in stricter privacy, security

Experts are advising physicians to conduct a risk assessment, encrypt their electronic files, update their business associate agreements, and train their staff in order to be ready for audits and avoid ... A good risk assessment should uncover any
April 2010

A multidisciplinary, multifaceted approach to C. difficile prevention works

difficile hospital infection control plan based on a risk assessment; (2) monitor hospital-wide morbidity and mortality associated with C.
June 2019

New tool for Annual Wellness Visits

The Health Risk Assessment adds a new but not insurmountable layer of effort and time to the visit. ... A Web-based Health Risk Assessment (created by can be found online.
May 2012

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