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ACP launches new services for quality improvement | Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News | ACP Internist

At Internal Medicine Meeting 2019, ACP unveiled ACP Advance, a new quality improvement (QI) program to help organizations and physicians improve patient care. ... to engage in quality improvement that meaningfully addresses their QI goals, priorities,
April 2019

Practice uses ACP survey for peer review, quality improvement

The survey is based upon materials available from the Center for Practice Improvement and Innovation. ... The group plans another three-month reassessment in 2010 to measure changes in areas targeted for improvement.
February 2010


Offer palliative care options when such treatment is medically futile or does not provide significant gains in the quantity to quality of life balance. ... imaging modalities, diagnostic reasoning, medical informatics, new medical education modalities,
September 2019

Wrong answer

even test for it because the quality improvement then like marks you off.”. ... The Atlanta school system harmed students and teachers in a thoughtless quest to improve quality.
September 2019

The next wave

I have always admired GE as a well-run company that gave birth to a lot of the current teaching about effective management and organizational improvement. ... That sentiment comes in part from a course I took years ago in six-sigma quality management
September 2019

The DIE-t order

imaging modalities, diagnostic reasoning, medical informatics, new medical education modalities, pre-code/code management, palliative care, patient-physician communication, quality improvement, and quantitative biomedical imaging.
September 2019

Strategic priorities

We retained three of the prior six priorities: providing the highest quality care, delivering on a great patient experience, and advancing our role as a physician organization fully integrated into Northwell ... interrelated:.• Delivering high quality
September 2019

The Value Tension

It also makes it easier for more health care providers to successfully take part in our quality programs…”.
September 2019

The new health care epidemiologist

Infection prevention was the first quality improvement (QI) program ever to emerge and remains better developed than QI and patient safety. ... Interestingly, Dick Wenzel published a book on quality improvement in 1992, but unfortunately, SHEA chose to
September 2019

Mistakes are made

Can we make quality improvement happen inside our own brains? For that to happen, wouldn't we have to realize whenever we made mistakes?
September 2019

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