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Personalized medicine with a genomic twist

As a primary care provider, I am a bit skeptical of those who suggest that the concept of “personalized medicine” is new. ... In reality, using genetic information to predict how patients will metabolize currently available drugs is only a single
January 2008

Breast cancer complexity in personalized medicine

Breast cancer complexity in personalized medicine. Scientists at Washington University School of Medicine in St. ... Individual and personalized medicine is only possible when the cancer's genetics are known in advance.
April 2020

Personalized medicine is the future

Personalized medicine is the future. Future doctors will celebrate that they no longer prescribe the same drug at the same dosage for hypertension or pneumonia or arthritis or cancer or many ... For example, a medicine for Alzheimer's disease will be
April 2020

Who should take aspirin for prevention?

personalized risk factors in order to best counsel individual patients on medical care and prevention. ... How population medicine, its associated quality reporting, and pay-for-performance on the one hand, and personalized medicine on the other, are
April 2020

Prostate screening gets personal

Personalized medicine, and thus the genuinely personal approaches to assessment and treatment of which it is comprised, is something quite different from any one-size-fits-all procedure. ... The hope is that a truly “personalized medicine” approach
April 2020

What do 21st Century health care professional students need to learn about informatics?

One of these is bioinformatics, especially as it relates to personalized medicine. ... If the vision of personalized medicine comes to pass, the 21st Century clinician will need the help of decision support and other tools for help in applying it to
April 2020

It's a brave new world

It's a brave new world. I just went to a session on personalized genomics, and the speakers seemed pretty unified in feeling that this is an exciting but slightly worrisome ... The reason for excitement is obvious-- personalized medicine and such-- while
April 2020

Genomics impacts everyday practices in unexpected ways

The recent hospitalization of a relative gives me confidence that we are, indeed, taking small steps toward genuinely personalized medicine. ... Likely none of the individual care-givers even realized that they had delivered personalized medicine.
July 2009

Personalizing medicine, past reductionism

Personalizing medicine, past reductionism. Personalizing medicine is among the salient themes of modern advance, and clearly among the more widely captivating. ... I fully appreciate the potential power, much of it still inchoate, of personalized medicine
April 2020

How the Internet hijacks medical science

In the end, Goldberg argues that personalized medicine, and a search for biomarkers that can predict patient response before they begin a medical treatment, may be the best way to reduce ... In my opinion, personalized medicine is part of the solution,
April 2020

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