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Trials and errors in oncology research : ACP Internist

The explosion of information in molecular oncology has identified a seemingly infinite number of targets for novel therapeutic agents. This ...

Running two lists that might lessen the costs of oncology care : ACP Internist

Recently the New England Journal of Medicine ran a Sounding Board piece on Bending the Cost Curve in Cancer Care . The authors' take on thi...

QD: News Every Day--Oncology clinicians, patients balk at the word 'cure' : ACP Internist

Cancer patients hesitate to ask whether they are cured, and clinicians hesitate with using the other "c" word themselves, a study found. Onc...

Mushrooms (psilocybin) studied for oncology and depression : ACP Internist

In “study of the week” news, major media outlets reported on two small studies looking at the possible benefits of the chemical psilocybin, ...

QD: News Every Day--ASCO asks Congress to address oncology access shortage : ACP Internist

Patient access to cancer care will be threatened as cost pressures force the closure of small physician practices that form the backbone of ...

Primary care has growing role in colorectal cancer follow-up | ACP Internist

Increased attention to transitioning colorectal cancer patients who have completed their treatment back into the care of their primary care clinicians is increasingly important in the face of a shortage in the oncology workforce.

Points to consider in palliative care | Internal Medicine Meeting 2018 News | ACP Internist

An integrated model of curative and palliative care focuses on control of distressful symptoms at the time of diagnosis, and then continues through until death.

Oncologic ‘horrors' can beset hospitalized patients | ACP Internist

Common crises that can happen during the management of oncology patients include increased intracranial pressure, metabolic problems, infections, and toxic side effects from drugs. Learn how to manage these conditions.Exercise capacity is the single

Trials and errors in oncology, part II : ACP Internist

So, the purpose of the Cancer Genome Atlas is to identify all mutations in the most common cancers. A massive project. Several maps have bee...

New knowledge on human microbiome begins to impact practice | Internal Medicine Meeting 2018 News | ACP Internist

The first annual Dr. Ananda Prasad Lecture in Physiology highlighted the role of the human microbiome in health and disease.

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