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The Campaign Trail: Health care plank builds presidential platforms

According to the results of our first poll, readers are most interested in the candidates' plans to expand health care access. ... Access resoundingly defeated cost, quality and the ever-popular “other” categories in our unscientific online survey
January 2008

Strange bedfellows

to make big business come out in favor of expanding health care access. ... It made headlines last year when Wal-Mart joined with major labor unions to express their mutual concern about health coverage.
April 2020

Worrisome statistics

First, from CQ Politics, "Consumer Worry Grows on Health Care Access." The health care consumer confidence level (whatever that is) dropped more than 10 points among people 65 and older and ... The pollsters didn't bother to ask people whether they were
April 2020

The eroding 'doctor' label

Is that a good thing? Honestly, I'm not sure. No one argues that the costs in health care need to be cut. ... As a result, we are seeing that the world is full of "creative solutions" to our health care access crisis and the evolution to "nurse
April 2020

Improving access key to reform, says Commonwealth Fund VP

Health care access has become a top issue in 2008. Presidential candidates are discussing the matter seriously for the first time in more than a decade. ... Q: Why do disparities in health care access and treatment based on race and income persist in the
May 2008

Physicians not content to stick with the status quo

Health care access has become a top issue in 2008. Physicians often struggle to get patients to eat healthier, exercise more, or take their prescribed medications, even though these actions would ... Jessica Berthold, who attended the conference, also
May 2008

A taxing season for Obamacare

April's tax filings may create sticker shock among the electorate, testing whether the gains in health care access made by millions of people can be sustained. ... Let's start by recapping the good news, the growing number of Americans who have access to
April 2015

Changes to Medicaid divide states, doctors

In addition to stressing the benefits to patients gaining health care access, advocates of expansion made a financial case. ... We got a waiver from [the Department of Health and Human Services] in Washington to use Medicaid expansion dollars to fund
October 2013

Making sausage

telling their elected representatives how patient care is affected by problems that Congress can help solve, like the high costs of prescriptions. ... affordable, reduce administrative burdens on physicians, and expand health care access and coverage.
July 2019

ACP presses its case for payments, pilots and primary care

health care system. “We really need your input. We need your help to do a reality check about the things that look good on paper,” said Sen. ... Issues of health care access and the physician workforce shortage were also discussed during many of the
July 2008

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