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How to spot eating disorders in primary care

Learn how doctors can best spot conditions such as anorexia or binge eating, and talk to patients about their eating disorders. ... As with eating disorders, primary care physicians can often be the first ones to notice a problem.
February 2013

Medical news of the obvious

Women who are bulimic in pregnancy are more anxious and depressed than pregnant women without eating disorders.
September 2019

Searching for signs of eating disorders

Eating disorders may stand in the way of treatment for coexisting conditions, said Dr. ... The prevalence and correlates of eating disorders in the National Comorbidity Survey Replication.
February 2013

QD: News Every Day--It's true: Smaller plates encourage smaller portions

Eating only 50 calories a day more as a result equals enough calories to add five pounds of weight annually. ... Those with eating disorders or elderly people who need to eat more could follow the opposite advice to improve their intake.
September 2019

Obesity and the perils of ping-pong science

eating disorders, people who use illicit drugs, people with severe depression, and so on. ... There is an enormous difference between being lean because of eating well and being physically active, and being lean because of anorexia nervosa or routine
September 2019

Unmask malnutrition with careful questions

Drs. Granieri and Seidner and others said patients with malignancy, hyperthyroidism, dental problems, inability to swallow, eating disorders, and dementia or those who are trying fad diets are also vulnerable. ... Thomas advised. In young women, Dr.
April 2015

Creating a practice that's open to GLBT patients

Transgender patients are particularly at risk, with a 32% risk of suicide over their lifetimes, he noted.“ Men who have sex with men have increased risk of eating disorders,” said Dr.
January 2013

Addressing the gut-brain connection in IBS

While psychotherapies are effective treatments for digestive disorders, the stigma around both functional gut disorders and mental health diagnoses can limit uptake. ... re experts in GI; other people are experts in depression and anxiety.” Other
September 2019

Gathering of medical women focuses on female health needs

Women's health differs from men's, both generally and in a number of specific conditions, including liver disease, kidney disease, and digestive and eating disorders, and physicians should take these ... Physicians should generally be concerned about
May 2018

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