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Lupus presentation may be an ‘imitator’

on whether there is a need for any changes in disease management.”. ... Bryant. Milder cases of lupus may offer internists an opportunity to take the lead in disease management, said Deana Lazaro, MD, chief of the rheumatology section at the VA New
November 2014

Good things in medicine now include Medicare: shocking!

So at those visits we would fish for any problems to justify it as a disease-management visit or one for acute care. ... Some patients try to get a disease management visit rolled into the preventive visits.
September 2019

Chasms and comparisons covered by Carolyn Clancy

Clinic Summit, and Population Health and Disease Management Colloquium this week.
September 2019

Looking for the pony

A PCMH is a practice with enhanced care coordination and disease management, and official designation, which follows a rigorous certification process, is granted by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).
September 2019

Managing medication adherence

Propeller Health takes a similar sensor-plus-app approach to chronic respiratory disease management. ... that they think use of such devices for chronic disease management is worth the price," Dr.
March 2017

Primary care works in cooperative, close-knit North Dakota

Market consolidation drives innovation, the North Dakotans said. The Commonwealth Fund report's authors were particularly impressed by a successful BCBS pilot of chronic disease management and medical homes. ... Under the pilot, primary care physicians
November 2008

Diagnosing a disorder with few symptoms

In-hospital management of this type of hypercalcemia includes replacement of fluids and bisphosphonates. ... NIH conference. Diagnosis and management of asymptomatic primary hyperparathyroidism: consensus development conference statement.
March 2012

Practice uses ACP survey for peer review, quality improvement

people sleep than our practitioners who were doing the cutting-edge chronic disease management or the more allopathic care,” said Mr. ... Dahlborg.“ On the other hand, the people doing the cutting-edge chronic disease management did far better on
February 2010

Miserable symptoms mark chronic sinusitis

guidelines related to its diagnosis and management are based on consensus rather than definitive clinical trials and research, some experts said.“ The disease is consistently ignored, and it's an illness ... For patients suffering with chronic sinusitis
January 2011

Visits can be more productive when patients set the agenda

A 52-year-old male with diabetes and worsening obesity dependably shows up for appointments but appears unmotivated to address the lifestyle factors that have caused his disease. ... work focuses on patient self-management in diabetes.“ The fact that
March 2008

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