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ACP has issued Best Practice Advice with recommendations for the appropriate use of antibiotics for four common bacterial infections. ... Community-acquired pneumonia. Clinicians should prescribe antibiotics for a minimum of five days.
April 2021

New strategies required to battle antibiotic overuse

As many as one-half of antibiotic prescriptions written in the outpatient setting in the United States may be unnecessary or inappropriate, potentially undermining how the discovery of antibiotics revolutionized physicians' ... Spellberg said. "Every
April 2017

Antibiotic resistance--should we blame primary care or ICU physicians?

Even if we overused these antibiotics, we are unlikely to contribute to the antibiotic resistance problem. ... Antibiotic stewardship should focus on thoughtful use of antibiotics, understand the risk and potential benefits.
March 2021

Antibiotics and principles for best use

Antibiotics and principles for best use. As physicians we worry about antibiotic resistance. ... 2. Using narrow spectrum antibiotics when indicated. 3. Using shorter durations when indicated.
March 2021

We're in the post-antibiotic age

We're in the post-antibiotic age. We’re so very lucky to have lived in the “age of antibiotics.” However, most of us were neither alive nor cognizant prior to ... 1943, so we don’t have a concept of the morbidity and mortality prevented by
March 2021

Antibiotics: There's no free lunch

Adverse events due to antibiotics were captured over the 30-day period after antibiotic initiation, with the exception of Clostridium difficile infection and multi-drug resistant organism infections, which were captured ... Median duration of therapy was
March 2021

Lifesaving antibiotics losing power due to resistant germs

Lifesaving antibiotics losing power due to resistant germs. The single most important medicine ever discovered is the antibiotic. ... Doctors call this "antibiotic stewardship" and it is important not to use "super" antibiotics when simple ones (or none
March 2021

Physicians using antibiotics, sedatives as placebos

Physicians using antibiotics, sedatives as placebos. Internists and rheumatologists are using antibiotics and sedatives for their placebo effect, researchers reported. ... About half prescribe placebos, using saline (3%), sugar pills (2%), over the
March 2021

CDC sounds the alarm about antibiotic resistance

The report also estimates the threat from the most relevant antibiotic-resistant organism. ... Taking antibiotics you don’t really need might kill you (Washington Post Wonkblog).
March 2021

QD: News Every Day--Virtual diagnoses cost less, but more antibiotics prescribed

Virtual office visits for infections resulted in more prescribing of antibiotics, but could potentially lower health care costs, a study found. ... Researchers wrote, "When physicians cannot directly examine the patient, physicians may use a 'conservative
March 2021

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