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Board exams don't resemble real practice and waste my time

I was reminded of this when I dropped by my office to get a little work done, work that bore little resemblance to what I will encounter on the board exams. ... The process could be simplified by having docs do question sets at home, with access to
September 2019

Being a doctor is a lot like being a parent: You can't tap out

The American College of Graduate Medical Education has enacted further restrictions on resident work hours. ... I guess. The problem of course is that after training, work hours aren't restricted.
September 2019

My last week at the practice I built

Enthusiasm and innovation don't pay the bills or heal the sick; it takes work. ... Many good ideas have been dashed against the rocks of life for many different reasons.
September 2019

Five things to help good doctors stay good as they grow older

Healthy people exude balance. They may focus on one thing primarily, but keep other interests, too, things like spending time with family, reading fiction, watching movies, riding a bike or volunteering
September 2019

Vastly different roles in health care

I laughed, realizing how late it was and how tired I was and still had more work to do. ... Coming to work and seeing everything so spotless lets us take care of people so I thank you.".
September 2019

QD: News Every Day--All work and no control over it makes Jack stressed

QD: News Every Day--All work and no control over it makes Jack stressed. ... Primary-care practitioners need evidence-based information to advise patients with work-related stress," the researchers wrote.
September 2019

The 5 F's for futuredocs and new interns

Others opted for 24-hour gym craze that that could work for anyone's schedule. ... Lastly, exercising with a friend will likely lead to greater results than the solo work out.
September 2019

QD: News Every Day--Doctors self-report better health habits than nurses, general public

Physicians report being healthier and having better health habits than either nurses or all other types of workers, a Gallup poll found. Phy...
September 2019

Why 'the end of internal medicine as we know it' might be a good thing

Perhaps the death of primary care as it currently exists with crushing administrative hassles, loss of work-life balance, increasingly short office visits, and paper charts which often has inadequate information
September 2019

Changing relationships and practice models

I've walked through life with them, and for many, that life has been very hard. ... I was thrilled when I saw how much they had changed, not letting bad choices ruin their life, and I told them how happy I was.
September 2019

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