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QD: News Every Day--All work and no control over it makes Jack stressed

QD: News Every Day--All work and no control over it makes Jack stressed. ... Primary-care practitioners need evidence-based information to advise patients with work-related stress," the researchers wrote.
June 2019

QD: News Every Day--Doctors self-report better health habits than nurses, general public

Physicians report being healthier and having better health habits than either nurses or all other types of workers, a Gallup poll found. Phy...
June 2019

Five things to help good doctors stay good as they grow older

But not too much--no peg is that strong. 4. Staying balanced.Healthy people exude balance.
June 2019

Vastly different roles in health care

I laughed, realizing how late it was and how tired I was and still had more work to do. ... Coming to work and seeing everything so spotless lets us take care of people so I thank you.".
June 2019

Why 'the end of internal medicine as we know it' might be a good thing

Perhaps the death of primary care as it currently exists with crushing administrative hassles, loss of work-life balance, increasingly short office visits, and paper charts which often has inadequate information
June 2019

Board exams don't resemble real practice and waste my time

I was reminded of this when I dropped by my office to get a little work done, work that bore little resemblance to what I will encounter on the board exams. ... The process could be simplified by having docs do question sets at home, with access to
June 2019

The 5 F's for futuredocs and new interns

Others opted for 24-hour gym craze that that could work for anyone's schedule. ... Lastly, exercising with a friend will likely lead to greater results than the solo work out.
June 2019

QD: News Every Day--Women earn $12,000 less annually in academic medicine

Female academic physicians would earn more than $12, 000 annually if they were men, even after adjusting for differences in specialty, productivity, academic rank and work hours, a study reported.
June 2019

High-risk profession: suicide rate of U.S. doctors is one per day

He wrote thousands of letters to his brother Theo over the course of his life. ... A conversation could save a life: "Are you OK?" Day. Hugh Jackman shows his support for R U OK?
June 2019

Changing relationships and practice models

I've walked through life with them, and for many, that life has been very hard. ... I was thrilled when I saw how much they had changed, not letting bad choices ruin their life, and I told them how happy I was.
June 2019

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