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8 tips on how to take a sabbatical

Various life changing events including 1 death, a retirement and the launching of 2 children required a response from me, and thus the sabbatical. ... I am not done with my sabbatical, but can now visualize a time when I will work here in my hometown and
August 2020

Don't put clinician burnout on the back burner

So what causes burnout? It's patient- and non-patient-related administrative tasks such as charting, documentation, and billing and insurance, as well as other factors such as work-life balance, ... All clinicians and staff members alike need work-life
July 2020

Teach medical students about healthy living

Last week I wrote a simple post on eating yogurt with fresh fruit for lunch. It wasn't until later that I realized why it's a medical lesso...
August 2020

Solving the Primary Care Crisis: Are We Training Enough Doctors?

The specialty's relatively low pay, absence of work-life balance, and low prestige compared to other medical fields doesn't resonate with today's students.
August 2020

QD: News Every Day--Mindfulness in palliative care

Palliative care is an emotionally tough field for physicians and even more so for pediatricians. One coping mechanism is mindfulness, a way ...
August 2020

Editor's Note: Family ties help close the generation gap

But many younger physicians—including his son—don't share that baby boomer mentality as they instead try to achieve work-life balance and collaborative relationships with colleagues. ... Dr. Kristofer Smith's marriage to another physician, for example
April 2008

Physician visibility in public: I see patients, and they see me

In the movie " The Sixth Sense ," there was that kid who saw dead people. I'm like that. But I see patients and their parents instead. They'...
August 2020

10 rules for giving good care

The simple fact that so many of us keep going back to work is witness to a lot of benefits. ... I work with a bunch of folks who are good to be with and like-minded in their desire to help our patients.
August 2020

QD: News Every Day--Rural hospital recruits doctors through leave for missionary work

QD: News Every Day--Rural hospital recruits doctors through leave for missionary work. ... Other programs across the country are fast-tracking medical students or providing real-life training environments to get the students to rural communities sooner.
August 2020

QD: News Every Day--Hating co-workers shortens life expectancy

QD: News Every Day--Hating co-workers shortens life expectancy. Getting along with co-workers had more of an impact on mortality than one's relationship with a supervisor, or even
August 2020

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