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QD: News Every Day--Amid Summit Fight's Eve

Primary care shortage. Primary care physicians have cut their average hours per week, citing low pay and worse work-life balance. ... Average work hours have fallen from 55 to 51 hours per week between 1996 and 2008, according to JAMA, or 36,000 doctors
September 2019

Primary care's future is now clear

The current generation of medical students tends to value work life balance over the potential opportunities seen in private practice.
September 2019

What's new in other College publications

Part-time careers. While hospitalists typically go part-time in the interest of work-life balance, employers are hoping that offering part-time and flexible schedules will give them an edge
June 2009

QD: News Every Day--Although heavily recruited, 1 in 4 med students want another career by graduation

Sometimes having no end of job prospects, more than one in four new doctors regret going into medicine by their graduation, according to a r...
September 2019

QD: News Every Day--Year-long 'doc fix' likely to pass this week

64. The specialty is attractive to women because it's growing, and colonoscopies are scheduled events that give them ample control over their day, reports the Wall Street Journal's ... life columnists.
September 2019

Practicing Zen meditation and being a doctor

Life was more interesting when I got back home. I started writing, mostly poetry, which was kind of an extension of meditation. ... Koans are brief stories or conundrums that make a person think, and then make the person realize that thinking will not
September 2019

Prayer as placebo

In fact, perhaps an ironic example of his practice was that during the last few months of Christopher Hitchens' life, our rabbi always included him in his prayers, despite the fact ... it had been observed that "sugar pills" often work anyway.
September 2019

The challenge of time

It is simply unavoidable. But I wonder whether my schedule runs my life excessively. ... The frequently discussed topic of“ work-life balance” is really one of time and where one derives value.
July 2019

QD: News Every Day--Dermatologists head to Sun Belt to practice

Dermatologists spend their days telling patients to avoid the sun and their careers striving to practice in it. They're leaving the Midwest ...
September 2019

Solving the Primary Care Crisis: Are We Training Enough Doctors?

The specialty's relatively low pay, absence of work-life balance, and low prestige compared to other medical fields doesn't resonate with today's students.
September 2019

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