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Bearing witness

Providing these histories to individuals--work that remains almost completely invisible to the outside world--has been the most consistently satisfying aspect of my professional life. ... Just knowing about work like Dr. Dreger's nourishes my soul. This
June 2019

The emotional toll of influenza

Huntsville Hospital has seen a large number of H1N1 influenza patients. Some have died. The sickest patients are relatively young (in their ...
June 2019

When I really felt like a doctor

me through my training and into my day-to-day work. ... I work to keep up with inbound information and professional social dialog.
June 2019

Is the generation gap a growth opportunity?

Smith said. Generation Y is less cynical than X, but shares a desire for work-life balance. ... Monitor them and provide constructive feedback. Generation X. Realize they are self-reliant, informal and value work-life balance;.
April 2008

QD: News Every Day--burnout risk appears worse for doctors on the 'front lines'

Satisfaction with work-life balance was highest among physicians working in dermatology, general pediatrics and preventive medicine and lowest among those working in general surgery, general surgery subspecialties and obstetrics/gynecology.
June 2019

Meeting illness in stages

much of life, you will become more experienced in knowing how you and your family react to them.
June 2019

Tennis at San Quentin

He was doing 15 to life for a stabbing death of another young man. ... believed in them or gave them any kind of launching pad for life.
June 2019

My turning point

He got a smug look on his face as he bragged, “I was back doing surgery after 4 weeks.” Four weeks seemed like a long time to be out of work, ... After taking a year-long hiatus from blogging, Rob Lamberts, MD, ACP Member, returned with "volume 2" of
June 2019

Look before leaping into a large health system

Many physicians are leaving private practice and turning to large health systems to give them breathing room to care for their patients and restore work-life balance. ... restore work-life balance.
May 2013

Stress, burnout are thinning primary care's ranks

And that's becoming evident with these distressing numbers: "Surgeons surveyed by the American College of Surgeons in 2008 found that only 36% felt their work schedule left enough time for ... personal and family life, and only 51% would recommend their
June 2019

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