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An American physician's experience working in Canada

How happy the doctors are; they are far from burnout and have a great work-life balance. ... Still, the quality of life and the quality of work is better in Canada.
September 2019

How my own negative experience of clinical practice led me to co-found a company

for medical practice and combine this with a healthy work-life balance. ... As long as you are savvy, thoughtful and flexible about how you work, you can not only gain more freedom, but also keep life more interesting and fun by breaking up
September 2019

What doctors can learn from Uber drivers

With any perceived improvement in work-life balance or employee benefits that this may bring, also comes a hefty price to pay. ... Employees will always have less control over their work life. Many things will be dictated from above about what they must
September 2019

PERSPECTIVES 4 ACPINTERNIST Osteoarthritis affects millions of Americans, but ...

In aneffort to partially relieve the burdens of a changing health care systemand maintain a semblance of work-life balance, more physicians havebeen merging with larger health systems.
April 2013


We all end up influencing another human's life at some point in time, whether we acknowledge it or not. ... Our actions truly impact the life of our patient, whether we like it or not.
September 2019

Millennials, the same doctors in a changed environment

In general, medicine is still working on finding the“ sweet spot” when it comes to work-life balance, Dr. ... ve had more women [become physicians], some of whom had kids, work-life balance became much more of an issue.”.
October 2016

Does becoming a doctor mean sacrificing a family?

Indeed, her wry advice to a medical student who valued work-life balance was, "If you want to be a doctor, be a doctor.". ... It's one reason why physicians today, both male and female, prioritize work-life balance.
September 2019

Bearing witness

Providing these histories to individuals--work that remains almost completely invisible to the outside world--has been the most consistently satisfying aspect of my professional life. ... Just knowing about work like Dr. Dreger's nourishes my soul. This
September 2019

Working Overtime Increases Heart Disease Risk

The conclusion: "Overtime work is related to increased risk of incident coronary heart disease independently of conventional risk factors. ... These findings suggest that overtime work adversely affects coronary health.". Yikes.
September 2019

I still love being an internist

We have problems in medicine, problems that we must identify and work hard to eliminate. ... But being a physician is inherently a wonderful life. I, for one, feel very fortunate to have this profession.
September 2019

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