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QD: News Every Day--Vitamin D may not boost calcium absorption

Researchers examined 198 Caucasian and African American women, ages 25 to 45 years, with vitamin D insufficiency, serum 25OHD less than 20 ng/mL, in a randomized, double blind study of ... 3. and 1, 000 mg or less of calcium for the primary prevention of
May 2019

QD: News Every Day--Depression may abate after menopause, study suggests

of 203 late-reproductive-age women who were premenopausal at baseline and reached natural menopause. ... The cohort was stratified by race, with 47.3% black and 52.7% white women.
May 2019

U.S. Supreme Court decision on Texas abortion law was a victory for truth

I completely reject the law's supporters who have claimed that the 2013 state law was to preserve women's health. ... This was unadulterated mendacity. The law was not to protect women, but to limit abortions in Texas.
May 2019

QD: News Every Day--Statins cleared on cognition and cancer, but cataracts a concern

Finally, the Women’s Health Initiative investigated the relationship between statins and diabetes, and while it had some limitations, it reported an association between statins and diabetes.
May 2019

QD: News Every Day--Women with melanomas less likely to progress

QD: News Every Day--Women with melanomas less likely to progress. Women have a 30% advantage over men in all aspects of the progression of localized melanoma, most likely caused by ... To counter these factors, indications for sentinel lymph node biopsy
May 2019

Breaking the cycle of patient trauma

Rittenberg, a primary care internist at the Brigham and Women's Hospital Fish Center for Women's Health in Chestnut Hill, Mass. ... The paper, which was published with open access in the January 2019 Women's Health Issues, offers four options for asking
February 2019

QD: News Every Day--HPV vaccine may prevent throat cancer, but no trial will happen

The high efficacy of HPV vaccines in preventing extracervical infections among women (e.g., vagina and vulva) and penile and anal infections among men implies that efficacy may be comparable against ... In other words, it's a business decision. Still,
May 2019

Public health for nincompoops

When it comes to public health policy, we are a pack of utter nincompoops. ... But I note it as a fact. But here's the thing: Those who call me names, many nasty and some profane, for suggesting that we at times need public health
May 2019

Mind-body role may matter in heart disease

patient, advised Nieca Goldberg, MD, ACP Member, a cardiologist and medical director of the Joan Tisch Center for Women's Health at NYU Langone Medical Center in New York. ... Cohen said. “There's a huge surge in mind/body health. I think culture is
October 2015

Hormone replacement's "Ah-Ha!" moment

Roughly two years ago, Dr. Sarrel brought to my attention a research study published in JAMA looking at long term health effects in women who did, or did not, receive estrogen ... This sample of women was a subgroup of the larger population enrolled into
May 2019

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