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Rural prevention efforts face specific hurdles

ACP has issued guidance in several areas of women's health over the past year, including pelvic exams, cervical cancer screening, and breast cancer screening. ... recommendations, such as that against annual pelvic screening exams in asymptomatic, average
September 2015

New research creates debates on calcium's benefits vs. risks

Photo by BananaStock. Then, at the annual meeting of the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research, the same researchers released a reanalysis of data from the Women's Health Initiative ... She pointed to the WHI's finding of a 20% decrease in hip
January 2011

Treat metabolic syndrome's many components

Bauman, medical director for women's health and community relations at Integris Health Inc. ... in Oklahoma City, and a spokesperson for the AHA's “Go Red for Women” initiative, which focuses on fighting heart disease in women.
March 2011

ACP's ‘big tent’ advocacy agenda

Concerned about health care disparities? ACP has comprehensive policies to address disparities based on race, gender, gender identity, and sexual orientation and is developing more robust policy on women's health ... diseases; for developing new research
June 2017

A silent syndrome with serious side effects

Many of these women are also obese, so anything that's unusual just gets written off to their obesity.”. ... an internist and director of the Iris Cantor Women's Health Center in New York City.
February 2009

Annual meeting coverage highlights physical, mental conditions

In addition, we won a Bronze EXCEL Award from Association Media & Publishing for Stacey Butterfield's September 2012 cover story on hormone replacement therapy 10 years after the Women's Health ... We're extremely honored to be named among the best in
June 2013

Merger memories and abiding realities

improve payments and reduce unnecessary regulations, as well as ACP's tradition of advancing evidence-based policies to improve patients' health by expanding coverage, reducing health care disparities, and addressing other ... Our “patients first”
July 2018

Changing antibiotic prescribing not a one-step process

Stacey Butterfield takes a look at the state of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) 10 years after the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) trial was halted. ... In addition, clinicians and researchers continue to debate the relevance of the WHI trial to
September 2012

Courage, sacrifice, and internal medicine—a year in review

They look to us to advocate for women's health rights and mitigate against the greatest health threat of the 21st century, global climate change. ... We are master diagnosticians in addition to practicing disease prevention and population health.
April 2017

In the News

An analysis of the safety, efficacy and side effects of hormone therapy was prompted by data from the Women's Health Initiative that demonstrated links between hormone therapy and cardiovascular risk, ... Such a determination will require long-term follow
February 2009

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