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Officers and Regents election results announced

Cardiac Rehab, 2015-2016 (representing ACP).
March 2017

Begin to apply ICD-10 in real-life practice

percutaneous transluminal angioplasty,. cardiac output monitoring by thoracic electrical bioimpedance,. intensive cardiac rehabilitation programs,.
June 2013

Sniffing out smell disorders

Results vary depending on circumstances, but studies show definite improvement over doing nothing or a random smell rehabilitation,” Dr. ... Pribitkin said. If this type of smell rehabilitation does not work, any improvement in smell is not a given, he
March 2019

An easy screen for an overlooked disease

But it has to be done right. The patient should go to a well-designed, dedicated PAD therapeutic program, like a cardiac rehab program, where they will walk three days a
April 2011

What practices need to know about transition care management codes

The codes can be used following hospital inpatient or observation care, inpatient rehabilitation stays, or skilled nursing facility stays. ... The patient/caregiver should confirm this “hand-off” and ask the hospital/rehab facility to facilitate the
February 2013

Volunteer internists help to rebuild Haiti

Lyon. “Rehabilitation back to the baseline of a poor public health system is a five- to 10-year project.”.
May 2010

A few tips can improve older patients' memory

Statins for hypercholesteremia and pulmonary rehab for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease have both been associated with better cognitive ability.
January 2013

Prevent, recognize impairment

Physician impairment and rehabilitation: Reintegration into medical practice while ensuring patient safety: A position paper from the American College of Physicians.
September 2019

Collaboration key to post-stroke follow-up

Stroke patients generally undergo intensive care and rehab immediately following an event, but unfortunately care often fragments later on, leaving patients and internists a little unsure about what's next. ... Dr. Belagaje said that recent studies have
October 2009

Four more screening, counseling services covered by Medicare

Emergency departments, inpatient hospital settings, ambulatory surgical centers, independent diagnostic testing facilities, skilled nursing facilities, inpatient rehabilitation facilities, and hospice are not considered primary care settings under
March 2012

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