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Start with the basics for disaster preparedness

Plan to follow up with them. See if you can team up with visiting nurse organizations or your local department of public health to make calls.”. ... The American Public Health Association offers “Public Health Management of Disasters: The Pocket
April 2013

Warnings on power cords, asthma drugs, diabetes supplies

A public health notification that GDH-PQQ test strips do not distinguish between types of sugars and may falsely indicate hyperglycemia in patients eating products containing non-glucose sugars such as ... A public health alert on potential dosing errors
November 2009

Grains of truth

Planting such seeds, we are reaping just what we are sowing: more heat than light, unending opportunities for food industry abuses, stunning lack of public health progress and the very kind ... president of the non-profit Turn the Tide Foundation; and
February 2020

Ode to the bulletproof

as the global reality hides in plain sight: everywhere our hyper-processed diet of foods that favor corporate profit over public health go, obesity and chronic disease follow. ... president of the non-profit Turn the Tide Foundation; and formerly the
February 2020

Salt in the wound

He is a board certified specialist in both Internal Medicine, and Preventive Medicine/Public Health, and Associate Professor (adjunct) in Public Health Practice at the Yale University School of Medicine. ... president of the non-profit Turn the Tide
February 2020


The College's recommendations center around the notion that gun violence should be treated as a public health epidemic, and that it's well within the purview of doctors and other ... health professionals to ask their patients about firearms—namely, do
February 2020

Prescribe opioids, but with caution

The prescription opioid and heroin crisis: a public health approach to an epidemic of addiction. ... Annu Rev Public Health. 2015;36:559-74. [PMID: 25581144] doi:10.1146/annurev-publhealth-031914-122957. Manchikanti L, Abdi S, Atluri S, Balog CC,
July 2015

The Emperor's healthy climate

Climate change is a medical issue. Climate change is a public health concern. ... president of the non-profit Turn the Tide Foundation; and formerly the Director of Medical Studies in Public Health at the Yale School of Medicine for eight years.
February 2020

Shared visits improve access, productivity and satisfaction

disease self-management skills, and he wanted to integrate the help and support of other patients (plus a multidisciplinary care delivery team) into his health care. ... The larger health care systems did them first, followed by mid-sized systems, the VA
October 2009

Warnings for varenicline, bupropion; pacemaker recalled

A boxed warning for smoking cessation drugs varenicline (Chantix) and bupropion (Zyban, Wellbutrin) about the risk of serious mental health events, including changes in behavior, depressed mood, hostility and suicidal thoughts. ... A public health
September 2009

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