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Integrative therapies may complement care

Acupuncture, for instance, has been shown to be superior to sham procedures or no acupuncture for 4 chronic pain conditions: back and neck pain, osteoarthritis, chronic headache, and shoulder pain, according
March 2016


But no matter how sincere the promises sounded, I was always left alone as it threw its money at every sexy treatment, procedure, or drug that walked by.
May 2019

Long-term view for chronic pancreatitis

Dr. Kochman said. He noted that gastroenterologists are often the ones to perform or consult on the tests and procedures associated with diagnosis, such as magnetic resonance imaging, magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography,
January 2014

Medical practice hassles torture patients and doctors

Some insurance companies will not cover procedures in our ASC so these patients must get scoped at the hospital instead. ... Why does this matter? Because the insurance company may require that the patient pay a greater share for a diagnostic procedure?
May 2019

Managing the elderly with cardiovascular disease

Just as there are esteemed clinicians who might tell their older patients, ‘Well, you are just older, why bother,’ there are others who might push them to procedures for which benefits ... For elderly patients, decisions about device therapy and
October 2011

Increasing colorectal cancer screening

Mehta said. Despite being the default choice for most, colonoscopy presents a variety of obstacles, such as fear or lack of awareness around the procedure itself, as well as the need
January 2019

Generic irbesartan, escitalopram, ibandronate approved

Patients with the device will not be able to undergo MRI procedures because the magnetic beads interfere.
June 2012

Expert hints at how GI practices can keep coding current

59: Use for procedures bundled into another procedure under the Correct Coding Initiative edits;. ... 7. E/M service and procedures on the same day. You can bill for both if you see the patient, evaluate him, and decide to do a procedure on the same
September 2009


There are huge profits in ordering unnecessary tests, doing unnecessary procedures, admitting people who should stay home, making a payment system that is intentionally incomprehensible, and paying politicians to see only
May 2019

The basic health care transaction

For a primary care provider, the main “procedure” is the office visit itself. • ... The bigger the problems, the better the reimbursement for procedures for the doctor. •
May 2019

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