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Social hospitals

Medicine has advanced so that many illnesses and procedures that used to require days in the hospital now can be treated in an office setting. ... WHY NOT have medical care in your home, including IV therapy and even advanced procedures like dialysis if
May 2020

Do you know how big you are? | Internal Medicine Meeting 2019 News | ACP Internist

Roesch said. Then, as the attending was finishing the procedure, “I was fairly confident they had left the lap pad behind,” he said.
April 2019

Risks of diclofenac sodium, fosamprenavir calcium detailed

perfusion scans received excess radiation, review their radiation dosing protocols, implement quality control procedures, and check the CT scanner display panel before performing a study.
February 2010

Fecal transplant pills, other innovations in C. difficile treatment

The next question was, ‘Why don't we try to get rid of any invasive procedure and just let the patient eat the pill that contains the same mixture?’” said Dr.
November 2014

Health care costs

the procedure times, so that patients would not be offered any clues as to which procedure they had. ... That last part is where I think the articles connect. The Finnish study cited statistics that identify arthroscopic meniscectomy as the most common
May 2020

Peanut butter recall issued, reminder for topical anesthetics

off during a procedure.
March 2009

Guiding clinicians through GI diagnoses

In addition to the many complications of the various types of procedures, he said there just aren't enough data to recommend surgery for obese patients with NASH.
September 2009

Warnings on power cords, asthma drugs, diabetes supplies

diagnostic and clinical procedures.
November 2009

CMS considers codes for additional non-face-to-face services

CMS also proposes that there be either a Welcome to Medicare visit, also known as the Initial Preventive Physical Exam, defined by Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) G0402, or an
September 2013

Target preop visits for efficiency, best outcomes

The patient's medical history is a vital part of risk stratification for any surgical procedure. ... given patient, taking into account the reason for anticoagulation and bleeding risk of the surgical procedure.
September 2014

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