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Causal opacity

He required 17 operative procedures, a 4-week ICU stay, and had numerous invasive devices (including central venous lines, endotracheal tube, urinary catheter, ventriculostomy catheter, arterial line, and external fixating devices).
December 2019

Letters to the Editor

I think nowadays there is a serious lack of needed clinical bedside skills, and there is excess enthusiasm to perform procedures and rely on them for diagnosis.
September 2011

Wallet X-ray

From the emergency department to the inpatient hospital, to the doctor's office or the procedure suite—at any location where an American might receive health care, you're subject to
December 2019

Peanut butter recall issued, reminder for topical anesthetics

off during a procedure.
March 2009

Top 10 medical myths, busted

out with a new statement, saying clinicians should consider antibiotic prophylaxis prior to any invasive procedure performed on all patients with total knee or hip replacements.
June 2019

Twitter: a medical help, hindrance or hype?

What's the effect of making this OR chat public? Although he was involved in one of the twittered procedures, surgeon James Peabody, MD, hasn't decided about the new technology ... yet. “I'm not sure how great an instructive tool it is. For medical
April 2009

Doctor Scum Bag

Despite a 100% ultimate failure rate, we are still taught that death and disease are the opponents we need to outsmart or out-procedure. ... It would seem that the best strategy to fight unnecessary cost would be to simply stop paying for unproven,
December 2019

Warnings on power cords, asthma drugs, diabetes supplies

diagnostic and clinical procedures.
November 2009

Expert gives advice on perioperative medication management

So, for example, in a patient with creatinine clearance below 50 mL/min undergoing a neurosurgical procedure, the oral anticoagulant could be stopped 3 to 4 days before surgery. ... Cohn. Patients who have had a recent cardiac event, and those undergoing
June 2014

CMS considers codes for additional non-face-to-face services

CMS also proposes that there be either a Welcome to Medicare visit, also known as the Initial Preventive Physical Exam, defined by Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) G0402, or an
September 2013

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