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How your patient's ‘bucket list’ can help guide care

Inquiring about patients' bucket lists may seem a bit forward, but one researcher believes that learning about future goals can help guide care and strengthen the physician-patient relationship. ... I am by no means advocating that each physician should
June 2018

Virtual visits pose real issues for physicians

The AMA recommended that “a valid patient-physician relationship must be established, through at minimum a face-to-face examination, if a face-to-face encounter would otherwise be required in ... The new FSMB policy, which was updated for the first
November 2014

Telemedicine's future looks bright, with some caveats

We need to distinguish between ambulatory space, which gets into the individual physician-patient relationship, versus the acute care monitoring/oversight [space], which is really a completely different animal.”. ... They're separate modalities, but
November 2018

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