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Many terminally ill patients believe chemo might cure them

Does telling bad news inevitably strain the physician-patient relationship? Do patients bond best with physicians who misinform them with optimism or allow them to misunderstand important aspects of their care? ... As patient satisfaction surveys begin
April 2020

QD: News Every Day--Patients, not physicians, key to halting opioid abuse

Of the respondents, 855 (30.7%, percentage adjusted for sampling strategy) reported having a physician source of opioids. ... This suggests that public health efforts to mitigate nonmedical opioid use that occurs outside the sphere of the
April 2020

Oaths, charters, and our professional ethos

The very nature of our physician-patient relationship with its inherent trust determines our responsibilities and subsequent behaviors in the context of the vulnerability of illness. ... The sacrosanct physician-patient relationship contains its own
March 2020

QD: News Every Day--3 in 10 doctors often deal with firearms issues in practices

The legislation began after two residents complained that their physician wanted to dismiss them from the practice after they refused to discuss their gun ownership, reports the Miami Herald. ... State legislatures often try to dictate the physician
April 2020

Two conversations about health care

per day and our panel sizes to the point where many (including myself) feel that quality of care and the patient-physician relationship is compromised. ... to protect the personal aspects of the physician-patient relationship.
April 2020

Leadership, character and taking a stance for the right reasons

The physician-patient relationship is one of the most important interactions in life, with significant ethical obligations for physicians. ... ACP's stance attempts to bring reason to the issues and provide guidance to legislators considering regulating
October 2012

Success in ACOs depends on collaboration

Berenson said. He stressed that there should be a focus on the physician-patient relationship and physicians' ability to act in the best interest of their patients. ... I think what most physicians want more than anything is to retain autonomy over the
July 2013

Time neither heals nor absolves after romantic involvement

She laughs, finally convincing him that no ongoing physician-patient relationship whatsoever exists. ... stresses. As a practical matter, physicians should assume that any prior physician-patient relationship is incompatible with a subsequent sexual
October 2008

Internal Medicine Meeting 2015 breaks records

Our Resident's Corner columnist, Joshua M. Liao, MD, ACP Resident/Fellow Member, discusses ways to maintain the physician-patient relationship in a world of increasing technology.
July 2015

A doctor who embraces change, personally and politically

years, no patient here has gotten a decubitus ulcer,” he said) but crumbling infrastructure (“The roof leaks”). ... waste. “This would free physicians from a mountain of worry about how our patients' care will be reimbursed, and thus restore the
July 2013

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