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Medical paperwork overwhelms the profession

Each hospitalized patient has a tremendous amount of recorded data which nurses painstakingly document. ... I will illustrate this: “How is my patient doing?”. Yes, I ask them directly.
April 2020

Screen for depression—but be ready for the results

But although remote monitoring has benefits that include greater patient satisfaction and fewer hospitalizations, it also faces some hurdles, including lack of reimbursement. ... Have you ever accepted a Facebook friend request from a patient, or wished
March 2010

Let's consign shared hospital rooms to the dustbin of healthcare history

goal. Chief among these are infection risk, patient satisfaction and privacy. These reasons cannot be overstated.
April 2020

Consider country, culture when caring for Latino patients

Carrasquillo said. Another audience member asked for any advice on improving patient satisfaction scores among Hispanic patients, who tend to rate satisfactory care at a lower number. ... The main thing is being very open with the patient and the family
June 2014

Medical home model might be health care's next great change

The patient-centered medical home might be health care next transformational innovation, one that will allow primary care to survive and thrive. ... Initial reports show improved patient satisfaction in the PCMH. Payers are noting that some PCMH
January 2011

The immeasurable value of continuity of care

Doctors need rest, too. But as a patient, when I've been in the hospital, nothing was more reassuring than visits by my usual doctors, my internist, my oncologist, my surgeon, ... Her views on medicine are informed by her past experiences in caring for
April 2020

Overtreatment alert! Antibiotics fuel medical overutilization

Prescribing antibiotics is a sure method for increasing patient satisfaction. --Antibiotics are extremely safe and only rarely cause adverse reactions. ... Care to be infected with one of these germs? The chief complaint in medicine refers to the
April 2020

Why can't satisfaction surveys just keep it short and sweet?

Why can't satisfaction surveys just keep it short and sweet? Customer satisfaction surveys are all the rage these days in every industry. ... Health care is a late entry into this arena, as reimbursements have only relatively recently started being tied
April 2020

Patients don't like the feeling of being pushed out the door

The focus on patient satisfaction and improving the hospital experience is stumping a lot of top-level hospital executives. ... years ago, well before we all wore the badge of “patient satisfaction”.
April 2020

Too many cooks in the kitchen syndrome

All this while the patient is being overwhelmed with information from so many different physicians! ... It negatively effects patient satisfaction and the hospital experience, causing a lot of frustration and miscommunication along the way.
April 2020

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