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Patient-centered service

Patient-centered service. American health care has a customer service problem. No, customer service in the U.S. ... The simple truth is that in our system the patient is not the customer; the third-party payor is the customer.
April 2020

Wisconsin clinic's patients save time by ‘rooming’ themselves

As a result, wait times fell by half and patient satisfaction rose to its highest levels in 11 months. ... We were trying to improve patient satisfaction as far as waits and delays,” said Byron Marquez, DO.
November 2010

Keep it simple for patient portal success

A 2015 analysis in the Journal of Medical Internet Research showed that portals can have a positive impact on patient satisfaction and retention. ... The other is medication renewal and medication management … Patient satisfaction is much higher if you
April 2018

3 questions hospital administrators keep asking

1. Why can't we improve patient satisfaction? Giving our patients a better experience is really not rocket science. ... Get away from viewing patient satisfaction as a “bumper sticker” and look at what the highly rated institutions are doing right.
April 2020

Dispensing docs and disability evaluations

In particular, it highlights a world of doctors that dispense drugs in their offices, which improves both patient satisfaction and profit$. ... But:. --What if the patient is malingering and I'm unable to ascertain that?
April 2020

The insincerity of customer service without the personal relationships

raise patient satisfaction”, without realizing that health care is very different from all other industry sectors.
April 2020

Ask questions to get past social stigma of pelvic floor disorders

Another Annals study from the Aug. 5 edition concluded that combining behavior and drug therapies for urge incontinence benefited patient satisfaction. ... According to the authors, the study results suggested that patient satisfaction may be influenced
January 2009

Best practices, and when your doctor says no

It helped my friend, family, kid.” “It's the only thing that works for me.” It is hard to see a suffering patient who wants to be helped and resist the ... We want to please patient and help them, and when we don't, patient satisfaction scores go
April 2020

Should doctors offer a money back guarantee?

We are paid regardless of the outcome or your satisfaction. It is true that physician reimbursement policy is evolving away from fee-for-service (FFS) toward a value-based system. ... If a patient comes to see me with abdominal pain, which often defies
April 2020

Most hospitals have similar performance scores

Most hospitals have similar performance scores. Quality measures. Patient satisfaction surveys. ... view on health care reform, science, research and patient care.
April 2020

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