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Annoying acronyms and miserable mnemonics: AIDET and the H's and T's

The other annoying acronym is AIDET, a communication tool introduced by health care consultants the Studer group to help improve patient satisfaction. ... The Studer Group arose out of the experience of Quint Studer in using a business model to improve
April 2020

A failure to address the fundamental questions in health care

Let's take an example: improving patient satisfaction and the health care experience. ... This leads to answers such as appointing a “Patient Satisfaction Officer”, conducting slightly tacky face-to-face patient surveys, and frequently doing other
April 2020

Consider offering in-office labs

Office-based labs increase efficiency, contribute to faster diagnoses and treatment and improve satisfaction. ... Office-based labs can provide results while the patient is in the office, which increases efficiency, contributes to faster diagnoses and
September 2009

Moving toward patient-centered care

now can help practices provide high-quality clinical care, ensure patient access and safety, achieve high levels of patient satisfaction, and streamline processes to perform at optimum levels of efficiency. ... Key features of a patient-centered practice
February 2010

Why doctors interrupt

One of the findings led me to discuss the patient's case with a cardiologist. ... Female patients experience interruption more frequently than males. In contrast, studies have suggested higher rates of patient satisfaction with physician visits during
April 2020

Success in ACOs depends on collaboration

But perhaps most important, an ACO's success lies partly in patient satisfaction. ... Kirschner. “If there are long waits for getting appointments or in the waiting room, that will affect patient satisfaction and they will have input on that.
July 2013

Should doctors worry about online ratings?, launched by dermatologist Steven R. Feldman, MD, PhD, in 2005, markets itself as a low-cost way for doctors to conduct patient satisfaction surveys. ... Both studies carry a lesson for doctors: Patient satisfaction extends beyond
September 2010

You're fired! Can doctors really fire their patients?

However, once a physician sees a patient, she has established a doctor-patient relationship. ... Patient satisfaction is also becoming a popular measure. Would it be acceptable/reasonable for a physician to "fire" a patient who is constantly unhappy and
April 2020

Debating bare below the elbows

The literature on patient preference for physician attire shows mixed results in weak studies where patients look at pictures of doctors in different attire, while studies that randomized attire show no ... difference in patient satisfaction, and others
April 2020

Practice Tips: The 3 Ps of physician compensation

Does it include other factors such as quality, patient satisfaction, call, and leadership roles, and if so how do you quantify those attributes? ... Using work RVUs along with other measures is even better. For example, practices can design a
November 2014

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