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Specialist roulette

But there is one thing I am not doing: giving over care of the patient. ... I get the same sinking feeling when I send a patient to the ER.
April 2020

The front office bottleneck: schedules, phones and refills

In large studies on patient satisfaction, as in our research, one of the largest predicting factors of patient satisfaction is wait time,” said Will Underwood, a CPI senior associate who assessed ... Underwood advised. One innovative tactic Dr. Newman
March 2008

Shared visits improve access, productivity and satisfaction

traditional private visit, the CHCC resulted in lower costs, better outcome, higher patient and physician satisfaction, 12% less hospitalization and 18% less use of the emergency room, Dr. ... Physicians who conduct shared visits have cited higher
July 2009

Coping skills, counseling best for low back pain

Even sending a patient to another doctor can influence subsequent treatment, he said. ... Plus, doctors are increasingly rated in part based on patient satisfaction, making them reluctant to let a patient walk out empty-handed and dissatisfied, he said.
November 2013

When less is more

At least the patient has to pay for her own Echinacea and her own vitamins. ... The incentives do not reward achieving health, or preventing disease, or maximizing patient satisfaction.
April 2020

High ratings for personal physicians

Even though some patients will post a nasty comment about the doctor, the overall patient satisfaction is high. ... Medicare will also link patient satisfaction with hospital payments and hospitals who do not rate high will lose revenue.
April 2020

Patient interaction tips

So here you go. From the session "Improving Patient Satisfaction and Health Outcomes": When you first enter the exam room, do you say "How are you?" to patients. ... From the "Update in Neurology": To determine if a patient has dementia, there's an easier
April 2020

Wisdom from a toddler

Having patient customers motivates me:. • to be more efficient. • to be responsive to their needs. • ... My practice is more fun, patient centered, simple, fulfilling, and personal than my old practice ever was.
April 2020

A quick trip to the future

Doctors will be more empathetic and practices will be more focused on patient satisfaction.
April 2020

More public reporting

There are obvious conditions that ought to be met before any sort of data—about quality, patient experience, finances or anything else—is shared in this way. ... Our own efforts to report the patient satisfaction scores of Northwell Health Physician
April 2020

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