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Engaging patients

Engaging patients. Patient satisfaction is hot. Major payers, including the federal government have linked hospital payment to institutional performance on patient surveys of their experience with care, and are poised to ... I would be more enthusiastic
April 2020


I was finishing up with a new patient, and had explained to him and his wife my assessment and recommendations, and had answered a bunch of questions they had. ... course appreciate a nice review on Yelp, I wanted him to know that he might be getting a
April 2020

Benefits of clearly defining value in patient care

At the same time, enabled by digital technology and marked by shared decision making, patient engagement, precision medicine, and patient satisfaction, the movement toward more patient-centered care conveys the need ... also result in low patient
November 2015

QD: News Every Day--Satisfied patients use more care, but also have more mortality

Is patient satisfaction and marker for better care, or just more of it? ... Patient satisfaction was assessed using five items from the Consumer Assessment of Health Plans Survey.
April 2020

Wisdom from a toddler

Having patient customers motivates me:. • to be more efficient. • to be responsive to their needs. • ... My practice is more fun, patient centered, simple, fulfilling, and personal than my old practice ever was.
April 2020

If you can't make the wait shorter, make the waiting room nicer

Making waiting rooms more like living rooms is one way to increase patient satisfaction and reduce frustration with delays. ... But making waiting rooms more like living rooms is one way to increase patient satisfaction and reduce frustration with delays,
February 2009

Good enough?

a pretty compelling case that, from the perspective of a patient, the scorecard is a helpful advance. ... Furthermore, providing better tools for patients will require more investment in the collection of reliable clinical data (not just billing claims),
April 2020

Don't confuse a happy patient with a well one

The emphasis on patient satisfaction pressures doctors to acquiesce to demands for medications. ... The Archives study shows that patient satisfaction raises health costs and kills patients.
April 2020

Dr. Nobody

I found the room and went in, greeted with a big smile from my patient and her husband. ... They don’t know my patient, and will soon forget about her when she leaves.
April 2020

More public reporting

There are obvious conditions that ought to be met before any sort of data—about quality, patient experience, finances or anything else—is shared in this way. ... Our own efforts to report the patient satisfaction scores of Northwell Health Physician
April 2020

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