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Patient satisfaction / physician dissatisfaction

Patient satisfaction / physician dissatisfaction. Have you received a survey after you visit your doctor? ... Although customer satisfaction is important in the medical field, it's not the only thing that counts.
April 2020

The very real-world limits of patient satisfaction

Chief among these is the drive towards improving patient satisfaction and delivering a more optimal hospital experience. ... True, a large part of this is due to federal incentives and tying reimbursements to patient satisfaction scores.
April 2020

Improving patient satisfaction: lessons from 18,000 feet

Improving patient satisfaction: lessons from 18,000 feet. "Your call is important to us. ... How are we doing in with regard to patient satisfaction? What do our patients say?
April 2020

More on the ‘P word’

Dr. McLean made the excellent point that “provider” is a misnomer; it is a doctor-patient relationship, not a unilateral provision of services to a consumer. ... our roles as physicians, thereby leading to higher patient satisfaction, better outcomes,
January 2020

Hippocrates and the Internet

s Chief Experience Officer, and Jill Kalman, the Medical Director of Lenox Hill Hospital, devoted to the voice of the patient. ... My bit was about our “transparency project“ to publish our physicians' patient experience scores on our public website.
April 2020

Health care IT: the secret barrier to patient satisfaction nobody wants to talk about

Health care IT: the secret barrier to patient satisfaction nobody wants to talk about. ... So if we are really serious about improving patient satisfaction and the healthcare experience, how can we let this situation go on?
April 2020

Hospital medicine doctors: In the driving seat to improve patient satisfaction

Improving patient satisfaction and enhancing the hospital experience is all the buzz today in health care. ... Patient satisfaction is really about understanding what the patient is experiencing and the emotional roller coaster that goes with being sick.
April 2020

Better patient satisfaction, which model to follow?

Better patient satisfaction, which model to follow? Patient satisfaction is an important element of medical care. ... Dr. Kirsch is a full time practicing physician and writer who addresses the joys and challenges of medical practice, including
April 2020

What's new in other College publications

As patient satisfaction begins to take a more prominent place in health care and quality measurement, some worry that hospitals' standard patient satisfaction surveys don't do a good enough job ... This could become problematic if patient satisfaction
July 2008

Incentives and capabilities

heads in beds” in hospitals or patient encounters in the clinic, it was pretty straightforward to “share” that success with physicians. ... Under alternative payment models, the measures of success of the organization are different and more
April 2020

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