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Wallet X-ray

And it implies that if you're not a grateful patient, or in financial position to be one, that you may wind up getting a bit less … er, attention? ... Dr. Schumann is a general internist. His blog, GlassHospital, seeks to bring transparency to medical
April 2020

'Come fly with me'

It was my childhood dream to become an airline pilot. We lived near Heathrow airport in London, and I was a diligent plane spotter (please s...
April 2020

Patient interaction tips

So here you go. From the session "Improving Patient Satisfaction and Health Outcomes": When you first enter the exam room, do you say "How are you?" to patients. ... From the "Update in Neurology": To determine if a patient has dementia, there's an easier
April 2020

Mistakes about 'patient satisfaction'

Mistakes about 'patient satisfaction'. I had 2 experiences recently that reminded me that many doctors and nurses remain resistant to measuring and improving how patients experience the care we provide. ... The article was entitled “The Problem with
April 2020

Scribes: A write way and a wrong way

At least in the sensitive environment of a urology visit, patient satisfaction doesn't appear to significantly decline if a scribe is present, according to a study involving five academic urologists, ... Patient comfort appeared high, with 93% of those
February 2012

Improving Patient Satisfaction: What's Holding Doctors Back?

My attendance lapses were remedied and my honor was restored. Today, a hired consultant was advising us on the importance of improving our patient satisfaction scores. ... The Hospital Compare site allows users to compare side by side, hospitals in your
April 2020

My golf lesson: Patient satisfaction really is in the eye of the beholder

My golf lesson: Patient satisfaction really is in the eye of the beholder. ... This is exactly the same phenomenon that exists with patient satisfaction and their health care experience.
April 2020


The public one was the publication of our physicians' patient satisfaction data on our website.
April 2020

For the record

The idea is that the ideal patient record is a collaboration between the patient and the caretakers. ... Wikipedia. Isn't this a better way to organize patient data than a typical EMR?
April 2020

Patients may be satisfied, but providers aren't

Patients may be satisfied, but providers aren't. Medicare is beginning to tie financial bonuses to hospital patient satisfaction scores. ... But are patient satisfaction surveys the right instrument to, in part, base hospital reimbursement on?
April 2020

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