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QD--News Every Day: What's keeping you busy these days?

E-mails averaged 16.8 per day: 59.3% to interpret test results, 21.7% for patient responses, 9.3% for administrative problems, 5.0% for acute problems, 2.8% for ... Imaging reports averaged 11.1 per day, usually requiring patient communication and
August 2019

Overcoming shame

This, of course, brings me back to the idea of patient-centered care. ... How do we address issues, such as weight, smoking, and non-compliance in a way that is patient-centered?
August 2019

Love is the what

More while I could have it. More because my patient was preparing to leave. ... Because it was true. My patient passed away yesterday. Only a few hours after that encounter.
August 2019

New herpes zoster vaccine brings familiar challenges

considerations: efficacy, insurance, and patient communication. ... The FDA recently approved a new vaccine against herpes zoster, which brings with it considerations for internists about efficacy, insurance, and patient communication.
February 2018

Barriers to caring

And since she didn't feel sick anymore, this time I learned even more about my patient. ... Every single time I call and wait for an interpreter to come, it honors my patient.
August 2019

Good in the balance

I am not patient with people, and am distracted by little things. ... I am grateful grumpy Rob was on vacation when I saw this patient.
August 2019

Sit down, stay awhile

This post by ACP Member Kevin Pho, MD, originally appeared on MedPage Today's . Patient satisfaction , as I wrote in USA Toda...
August 2019

Helping patients handle information overload

Finding out why a patient is concerned about health care news can be an opening for a larger discussion about health goals. ... study, the details of which may not be very important to the patient.
January 2018

Flu me once

patient-centered care.
August 2019

Say what you're thinking

There's never going to be a happy way to break bad news. But, as a recent column in the New York Times points out, physicians' efforts to p...
August 2019

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