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Recalls for arrhythmia drug, infusion pumps, defibrillators

A summary of approvals, recalls, warnings and alerts from the Food and Drug Administration.
May 2009

Helping hands come from the community

Once they find out that I'm not a nurse or a doctor, then they'll tell me different things,” such as not being able to afford much food at all, ... never mind a special diet.
November 2019

Improved BP control requires patients to change behavior

monthly phone call with information on diet and exercise modifications and medications based on patients' readiness to change their behavior. ... Dr. Natarajan said he also follows a similar format when asking about diet and physical activity.
March 2015

Warnings for varenicline, bupropion; pacemaker recalled

A summary of approvals, recalls, warnings and alerts digested by ACP Internist from the Food and Drug Administration's alerts.
September 2009

6 keys to managing the cirrhotic inpatient

Manage nutrition. Cirrhotic patients will often have protein calorie malnutrition, Dr. ... Young noted that they are not supported by good data. “A normal amount of protein in the diet is important for cirrhotics,” he said, “so don't restrict
July 2015

What works well for weight loss

Photo by Kevin Berne. Nutrition and weight loss have become crucial issues to internists. ... In addition to learning about nutrition, patients should have a strategy for self-monitoring.
June 2017

Diets, doubts, and doughnuts: are we truly clueless?

How do you pair exercise, or an optimal diet, with some “placebo control,” while keeping your study participants blind to their treatment assignment? ... If we want to know what diet is best for health, we should therefore look across the entire
April 2020

QD: News Every Day--Surgery better for weight loss than diet, exercise, meta-analysis finds

QD: News Every Day--Surgery better for weight loss than diet, exercise, meta-analysis finds. ... Bariatric surgery appears to be more effective for weight loss and type 2 diabetes remission than nonsurgical interventions like diet and exercise, but the
April 2020

QD: News Every Day--Sodas, whether regular or diet, associated with hypertension

These observations raise the possibility that a common element in sugar-sweetened and diet soft drinks is at least in part responsible for the abnormalities associated with the metabolic syndrome, and ... With sugar ruled out by the study of diet sodas,
April 2020

A comparison of low carb and low fat diets

Many people are passionate about their favorite diet, but there is very little data comparing different diets to each other. ... If you do best with a low fat diet, consider a diet that is radically low in fat, like a plant-based vegan diet without
April 2020

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