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Priming to diagnose an atypical case, avoid representativeness

Hartzband co-directs the internal medicine subinternship program. Do you have a case where a medical diagnosis required you to dig beyond the obvious?
July 2011

Meld intuition with deliberation to sidestep diagnostic trap

Both kinds of thinking are critical in medicine. Dr. Hartzband. Lynn Bentson, FACP, of the Albany Internal Medicine Group in Albany, Ore., submitted a case that illustrates the importance of combining ... The patient insisted vehemently that he was not
March 2009

What to do when one expects everything to fit, but it doesn't

In this era of cost containment, we are mindful of expensive repeated testing, especially imaging studies, but sometimes multiple assessments are needed in the face of a disease in evolution. ... Hartzband co-directs the internal medicine subinternship
January 2010

Letters to the Editor

Two new controlled studies—one in the U.S. and one in Europe, both reported in the New England Journal of Medicine —suggest that over a 10-year period, PSA testing ... Deborah Alpert, ACP Member, PhD. Neptune, N.J. I always enjoy the
May 2009

It's just old age—or is it? Don't be guided by stereotypes

Chandra said. Finding time to listen to the patient and to obtain input from others, like family and caretakers, is difficult in today's practice of medicine. ... Chandra has become particularly attentive to language. As we saw in a prior Mindful
May 2009

Letters to the Editor

Jane M. Orient, FACP. Tucson, Ariz. I read with interest the column “Mindful Medicine: Don't let emotion impede right diagnosis” [ACP Internist, September 2008].
November 2008

Uncertain diagnosis for pain leads doctor to dig further

One of the most difficult challenges in practicing internal medicine is to avoid missing a serious diagnosis. ... Part of Mindful Medicine is to be aware of the emotional consequences of your thinking.
November 2009

Diagnosis, treatment of chronic sinusitis present challenges

Our story looks at both sides of the debate, including a recent update from the Institute of Medicine, and offers advice on making decisions about calcium supplementation. ... Also in this issue, Jerome Groopman, FACP, and Pamela Hartzband, FACP, present
January 2011

Continuous glucose monitoring—a good fit for primary care?

Our latest installment of Mindful Medicine, by Jerome Groopman, FACP, and Pamela Hartzband, FACP, discusses the challenges of making accurate diagnoses when patients withhold what they consider embarrassing or shameful health
October 2010

Editor's Note: Family ties help close the generation gap

Also in this issue, look for a preview of events at Internal Medicine 2008 to be held in Washington, D.C. ... We have received many responses to our new columns, Ethical Dilemmas by Lachlan Forrow, FACP, and Mindful Medicine by Jerome Groopman, FACP, and
April 2008

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