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New cholesterol guideline focuses on statin intensity, not LDL

Evidence suggests that the new guidelines and risk calculator potentially overestimate 10-year risk in primary prevention. ... The guideline also aimed to more accurately identify higher-risk patients who will benefit from statin therapy, Dr.
June 2014

QD: News Every Day--Simple guidelines decreased unneeded antibiotics

Eleven user-friendly guidelines were sent to all physicians and pharmacists in January 2005. ... The guidelines are still available here.). During the year after the guidelines' release, outpatient antibiotic prescriptions in Quebec decreased 4.2%.
April 2020

IDSA's strep pharyngitis guideline disappoints me

IDSA's strep pharyngitis guideline disappoints me. As soon as I read the title of the IDSA guidelines I understood. ... This is not a trivial point. This guideline, and other similar disease oriented guidelines, discourages clinical diagnostic reasoning.
April 2020

My descent into guideline fatigue syndrome

My descent into guideline fatigue syndrome. It started slowly. My former resident and present colleague, Terry Shaneyfelt, MD, FACP, first authored ”Are Guidelines Following Guidelines? ... While I understood the problems of guidelines (I had found a 40
April 2020

On casuistry, guidelines and performance measures

The intent of guidelines (at least I think) is to provide a general approach to a medical situation. ... The idea behind guidelines and performance measures makes assumptions that ignore the particulars.
April 2020

New gout guidelines and 'treat to target'

gout guidelines, said that rheumatologists are concerned about the potential impact on patients from the ACP guideline's nonsupport for treat-to-target. ... The ACP guideline, the ACR 2012 guidelines, and the EULAR 2016 guidelines are in agreement that a
April 2017

FDA's new conflict-of-interest guidelines

FDA's new conflict-of-interest guidelines. Seems like everyone is getting on the conflict-of-interest bandwagon when it comes to drug companies. ... New FDA guidelines prohibit the experts who advise during committee meetings to participate if they,
April 2020

QD: News Every Day--Groups issue nutrition guidelines for avoiding metabolic, endocrine disease

QD: News Every Day--Groups issue nutrition guidelines for avoiding metabolic, endocrine disease. ... The full guideline was published by Endocrine Practice and is available free of charge online.
April 2020

Guidelines have consequences--intended and unintended

Guidelines have consequences--intended and unintended. For years on this blog I have expressed my frustration with the guideline movement. ... We must stop insisting on calling expert opinions guidelines. We should only call something a guideline when
April 2020

QD: News Every Day--Gold standard is needed for better clinical guidelines

There were a handful of guidelines that synthesized best practices in the 1990s. ... With so many groups creating guidelines, the Institutes of Medicine wants to standardize them.
April 2020

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