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Guidance limited for treating acute pain

It's not understood, he said, whether that heightened pain sensitivity is an inborn genetic vulnerability to developing an opioid use disorder, or whether the drug use over time has altered
February 2018

My milk manifesto

Steadfast Paleo opposition to dairy is hoisted on its very own petard, since specific genetic adaptation to dairy consumption is on overt display in hundreds of millions of modern Homo sapiens,
November 2019

Withholding information from patients is not OK

In it, doctors discuss whether and how much genetic information should be given to parents about their kids. ... Genetic predisposition to disease can be very mushy: it's easy to see if someone has sickle cell anemia, but not so easy to see if they will
November 2019

Humans, made to move it

We have yet to enumerate all of the expressions, genetic, biochemical, hormonal, of those adaptations, but we know they are there, as reliably as genes for gills in every fish.
November 2019

Patients who drink too much

Yes, I am aware that there may be a genetic predisposition to the illness, but at some point the decision to drink was still a choice.
November 2019

QD: News Every Day--Colon, rectal tumors genomically the same

The study also found several of the recurrent genetic errors that contribute to colorectal cancer. ... There is a known negative association between aggressiveness of colorectal tumors and the phenomenon of hypermutation, in which the rate of genetic
November 2019

If telomeres could talk

One of the reasons cardiology tends to advance so rapidly compared to other medical disciplines, with very noteworthy benefits, such as mark...
November 2019

The dilemma of breast density

So basic genetic evaluation, and then we're trying to move to categorize all women by their lifetime risk of breast cancer.
July 2018

When wheat is to blame

Ninety five percent of afflicted individuals have the genetic profile, HLA-DQ2 or HLA-DQ8.
November 2019

Notes on Kalydeco, the new cystic fibrosis drug

Only 4% of cystic fibrosis patients have this genetic variant. Over 90% have a different mutation, F508del. ... This seems a perfect example of a new, expensive drug that may really help just a few people, and for which there's a clear genetic marker.
November 2019

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