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Whole body CT scans are SO last year...

23andme Democratizes Personal Genetics," the Web site declares proudly). All kidding aside, I'm thinking this could have big implications for physicians if panicked patients start coming in with genetic profiles
November 2019

Cancer and Random Genes: Fortune Favors the Prepared

The researchers studied the rate of potentially cancer-causing genetic mutations in different tissues, with extrapolations based on a computer model derived from the number and frequency of cell divisions. ... Gene mutation does not equal cancer. Cancers
November 2019

Cooler than disease detectives?

The program will draw on more than 25 senior attending physicians at NIH-- with specialties ranging from immunology, cardiology, genetics and dentistry-- in evaluating each patient.
November 2019

All Ashkenazi Jewish women should be tested for BRCA

Thus far genetic testing for these mutations has only been recommended for Ashkenazi women with a strong family history of breast or ovarian cancer. ... Population screening for specific genetic diseases, like Tay-Sachs, has proven in the past to make
November 2019

New info on common outpatient infections

The disease has both different genetics and different risk factors from hospital-acquired MRSA.
July 2008

Medical news of the obvious

It's not a genetic link between strong enamel and marital bliss, or that people with toothpast-minty breath kiss their spouses more often.
November 2019

Personalizing medicine, past reductionism

In the past year, two radical cancer treatment advances have been announced,both involving the genetic re-engineering of a patient's own cells into customized chemotherapy. ... The latter involves identifying genetic variation, usually in the form of
November 2019

How expertise dies: of character, credentials, and crap

The story of evolution by natural selection is, effectively, written, in vivid detail, in the language of molecular genetics. ... Nor need you be literate in molecular genetics per se, any more than you need learn Russian to read Crime and Punishment.
November 2019

Health is more than health care

Genetics: To whom we are born impacts our health profoundly. If our parents are blessed with long, healthy lives, then we are much more likely to be, too. ... We can't choose our parents, or therefore our genetics. But collectively, if we are in
November 2019

Post-stroke depression: cultural differences

There is some evidence that genetic differences in ethnicities may affect both the likelihood of getting depression and response to treatment, but it's complicated.
November 2019

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