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Fighting obesity means fighting evolution's urges to gorge

Dr. Tichansky. To help combat genetics, as well as contributing psychosocial, societal and cultural factors, Dr.
June 2012

Rapid blood test to detect MRSA

The BD GeneOhm StaphSR Assay, a blood test that can identify in two hours whether genetic material is from MRSA (methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) bacterium or from bacterium that can be ... Bottles with other lot numbers aren't affected. A
February 2008

Doctor, your weight bias is showing

Another intervention randomized students to read about genetic and behavioral mechanisms of obesity or a control topic before experiencing a virtual clinic encounter with a patient with obesity, Dr. ... Gudzune said. ÔÇťAgain, in the immediate
February 2017

Encourage earlier mammograms for women with a family history of breast cancer

The new study (see full reference below) in the journal Cancer verifies that genetic breast cancers show up earlier in the next generation on average by 8 years.
June 2020

QD: News Every Day--Mental illness sparks creativity among sufferers and their families

The way the link plays out along family lines suggests a genetic cause, researchers reported. ... These results hence suggest a genetic rather than environmental explanation.". The study did not control for the more open environment found in many
June 2020

Why internists should care about lipoprotein(a)

Sperling. Other categories include patients with genetic conditions that magnify cardiovascular risk in combination with an elevated Lp(a) levels, such as familial hypercholesterolemia.
May 2020

Oatmeal and coffee

Type II diabetes is a complicated disorder affected by both genetics and behavior whose treatment can in part be treated with proper dietary advice.
June 2020

'How can I raise my HDL?'

3) A recent study looked at people with genetic variations in cholesterol levels--one group with low LDL levels, and another with high HDL levels. ... In the words of Sekar Kathiresan, Director of Preventive Cardiology at Massachusetts General Hospital,
June 2020

QD: News Every Day--Genes have causal links between BMI, heart disease

Researchers studied genetic variants to establish a causal link to the long observed association between body mass and ischemic heart disease. ... Three common genetic variants combined, FTO(rs9939609), MC4R(rs17782313), and TMEM18(rs6548238), increased
June 2020

Cholesterol: validation of the self

I put "treat" in quotes, since high cholesterol (except in rare cases where the cholesterol is sky high in genetic conditions) is not a disease, but a modifiable risk factor for ... Never mind that what determines the number is largely genetics mixed
June 2020

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