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The outlier's message, and evolutionary science in breast cancer

The cells growing in one area of a tumor can and often do harbor markedly different genetic mutations from the cells growing in another part of the tumor. ... tech observations, like findings on physical examination and how the patient's feeling, with
November 2019

Cholesterol: validation of the self

I put "treat" in quotes, since high cholesterol (except in rare cases where the cholesterol is sky high in genetic conditions) is not a disease, but a modifiable risk factor for ... Never mind that what determines the number is largely genetics mixed
November 2019

'Cat-boy' and evolution in action

boy.". Normally, you could wrap your fish-and-chips in The Sun and that's it, but this made me think of other, more credible reports of genetic mutations that offer
November 2019

A glitch on the road to personalized oncology

Under the microscope, these substances preserve cellular structure. But they play havoc with genetic material inside cells. ... Even cells that don't die experience genetic changes in the freeze-thaw cycle that can lead to an overestimation of the
November 2019

Are you at risk for an adverse medication reaction?

Moreover, research has revealed that there is significant genetic variation in their activity from one individual to the next. ... With this finding, some have advocated genetic testing of all patients who need Plavix for its important indication.
November 2019

Medical News of the Obvious

determined by genetics.
November 2019

Is watchful waiting too difficult?

Even the carcinomas in situ (considered stage 0, cancer) vary in their genetics, histological characteristics and aggressiveness. ... DCIS is characterized by many of the same histological and genetic features as invasive breast cancer.
November 2019

Sunday cancer thoughts

Sometimes we have better options than others. Most cancers have multiple genetic problems making it difficult to find one critical to the life of the cancer cell but not to normal
November 2019

Resist the urge to overtreat bacteriuria

months, emerging research into the urinary tract microbiome has revealed that most people harbor high levels of bacteria in their urine as determined through sophisticated genetic probe testing; the clinical implications
July 2019

Vancomycin-resistant S. aureus (VRSA) update

The first 12 cases were all in the similar genetic background (clonal complex 5, most of which were t002, the most common healthcare-associated MRSA spa type). ... in the genetic background of community-associated MRSA strains (USA1100 and USA300).
November 2019

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