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On beyond Zika

That may be compounded by exposure of new human populations, with perhaps different genetic vulnerabilities; transmission at a new scale; or other factors yet to be determined.
November 2019

Cardiologists highlight prevention, clopidogrel

drug poorly and that genetic testing is available to determine which patients these are.
June 2010

QD: News Every Day--Patient-centered pilots need a PR makeover

New York Times). Genomics. In a follow-up to last week's post, the maker of one direct-to-consumer genetics test has fired back at the Government Accountability Office's ... It should be noted that the problem of different risk predictions from different
November 2019

Programs start early to promote health careers

Every afternoon, the students are taught by UNMC faculty members about various pre-medical subjects, including anatomy, genetics, infectious diseases and pathology.
May 2012

Lifesaving antibiotics losing power due to resistant germs

Exposure to antibiotics therefore provides selective pressure which makes the surviving bacteria more likely to be resistant as well as develop mutations of genetic material that code for resistant properties from ... are used on farm animals. The
November 2019

DNA sequencing for fever of unknown origin

to essentially compare genetic material in the fluids to thousands of known genetic sequences of different bacteria, viruses and fungi.
November 2019

Treat addicted patients for the long-term

Gold said. Researchers are currently working to uncover a genetic marker for alcoholism, he noted.
June 2009

Playing the blame game for rising prostate cancer rates

genetic mutations: 8q24, 17q12, 17q24 SNPs, RNASEL mutations and a novel (XMRV) retrovirus, and the breast cancer gene, BRCA2.
July 2008

Genes, germs and girth

The authors report greater genetic variety among gut microbes in lean individuals than obese. ... A brief report of an intervention in the same issue of the journal reported an increase in the genetic richness of gut microbes when obese and overweight
November 2019

The youth code

Yup. But Amos was a victim of genetics. His mama and his daddy had been affected by diabetes.
November 2019

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