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Breast cancer complexity in personalized medicine

Individual and personalized medicine is only possible when the cancer's genetics are known in advance.
June 2020

New drugs approved for hypertension, lupus and COPD

Corifact, the first product intended to prevent bleeding in people with the rare genetic defect congenital factor XIII deficiency.
May 2011

Managing Alzheimer's disease when options are limited

Another trial is investigating the effects of antiamyloid antibody on slowing down disease progression in people with 2 copies of the apolipoprotein E gene, the major genetic risk factor for the
March 2016

Gluten not a bread-and-butter diagnosis

There's no specific histology, no specific antibodies, no specific genetics that we have identified.”. ... Along with the long-term health risks posed by celiac disease, it's also important to nail down the diagnosis to alert other family members,
September 2014

Internal Medicine 2012 coverage highlights core topics

Internal Medicine 2012 coverage continues with stories on the best and worst drugs currently available (at least in one expert's view), how to apply genetic testing in primary care practice,
June 2012

Doctors with disability reflect on challenges

He has a genetic recessive condition called achromatopsia, which is the absence of functioning cone cells on the retina.
February 2020

Is gluten-free just a fad?

In some cases, genetic modifications have increased the gluten content of wheat and other grains. ... It may be that genetic modifications are also introducing new nutrients into the diet, and some reactions to gluten may be primed by the company it is
June 2020

Don't look now, but you are surrounded

W. Gregory Feero, MD, PhD, a family physician with a doctorate in human genetics, is Special Advisor to the Director of the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) and faculty at
June 2011

Heparin, saline solutions recalled for possible contamination

TOP2A FISH pharmDx, a genetic test to assess the risk of tumor recurrence and long-term survival for patients with higher-risk breast cancer.
March 2008

Assess statin-associated myalgia on a patient-by-patient basis

Myalgia is more common in patients with low body mass. Myalgia is also more common in Asian populations because of a genetic difference in the ability to metabolize statins, according to
July 2012

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