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Advance directives are the beginning of care, not the end

One of the most difficult decisions that patients, families and physicians face involves end-of-life care. ... This change in preferences around end-of-life care is not unusual. A study led by Terri Fried, MD, of Yale University, an expert in end-of-life
July 2012

Advance care planning should be a standard

appropriate end-of-life care, noting that this can help convince patients who are hesitant to have these conversations. ... Improving Your End-of-Life Care Practice,” from ACP, includes 12 tips to help physicians talk to patients with serious chronic
November 2016

College's new end-of-life guidelines fill gaps in patient care

In 2003, the Institute of Medicine identified end-of-life care as a “priority” health care area for improvement. ... Dr. Casey. While guidelines have been written in the past to address certain aspects of end-of-life care, such as the assessment and
March 2008

QD: News Every Day--End-of-life discussions happen far too late

To evaluate the incidence of end-of-life care discussions for 2,155 patients with stage IV lung or colorectal cancer, researchers designed a prospective cohort study of patients from the ... However, medical oncologists documented end-of-life care
August 2020

Common palliative care practices may lack benefits

Pantilat. In contrast to the interventions that have been proven not to work, good communication with families continues to be a definitive way to improve end-of-life care. ... It's a small step that a physician can take to help make patients and
January 2016

Officers and Regents election results announced

Service in organizations other than ACP: Chair, Rhode Island Department of Health Primary Care Physicians' Advisory Council, 2008 2010; Rhode Island Medical Society RI ACP representative, 2011 2015, Councilor-at-large, ... Areas of expertise: Medical
March 2016

Treating patients afraid to present

She was diagnosed with metastatic cervical cancer, and her options were limited to end-of-life care. ... to assist with difficult discussions about end-of-life care.
October 2018

A doctor seeks ways to encourage earlier palliative care talks

People would accept more toxicity, quality of life would be further from optimal, really because of the potential promise of living longer but not necessarily the reality of living longer.”. ... One is EPEC (Education on Palliative and End-of-life Care)
October 2014

Son's plea to prolong life at any cost sparks ethical quandary

Physicians aren't obligated to provide end-of-life care that is ineffective or harmful, by Lachlan Forrow, FACP. ... From routine outpatient care to life-and-death decisions in the ICU, patients today often believe in, and sometimes insist on, their
September 2008

Nominees named for College Officer, Treasurer and Regents

Executive Committee, Board of Governors, 2007-2009; Board of Governors, 2005-2009; Volunteerism Subcommittee, 2005-2006; Managed Care Subcommittee, 2000-2001; National ACP Services Political Action Committee Distinguished Service Award, 2010;
November 2012

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