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Warnings on prostate drugs, HIV combination therapy

associated with off-label use of these drugs to treat behavioral problems in older people with dementia-related psychosis.
January 2011

How many are too many for CT scans?

the head for a patient undergoing evaluation of dementia.
February 2011

Risks of diclofenac sodium, fosamprenavir calcium detailed

The first generic versions of donepezil hydrochloride orally disintegrating tablets for the treatment of dementia related to Alzheimer's disease.
February 2010

Generic irbesartan, escitalopram, ibandronate approved

The scan is not for predicting the development of AD-associated dementia, is not for monitoring patient responses to AD therapy, and does not replace other diagnostic tests used in the
June 2012

Warnings on fluoroquinolones, antipsychotics, becaplermin

A boxed warning for conventional antipsychotics about an increased risk of death associated with their off-label use in patients with dementia-related psychosis.
September 2008

Major shift in thinking about cognitive impairment

The DSM-4 focused just on the dementia phase of the disease, Dr. ... Are they doing their taxes, so everything seems fine? They don't seem like a dementia person,” he said.
July 2019

A few tips can improve older patients' memory

Blood pressure control helps prevent dementia, with the caveat that diastolic blood pressure below 65 mm Hg is associated with memory declines.
January 2013

Details define requirements for chronic care management

A vignette provides an example. A 75-year-old man presents with diabetes, claudication, and mild congestive heart failure, post-myocardial infarction and with mild dementia.
March 2015

Guiding clinicians through GI diagnoses

their pelvic floor structure (such as the anal sphincter muscle) and function (such as anorectal sensation) as well as systemic conditions such as stroke, multiple sclerosis or dementia.
September 2009

Polypill gets approval, fenofibric acid gets label change

The drug carries a boxed warning alerting that this type of drug can raise the risk of death in elderly people with psychosis or dementia and it must be dispensed with
January 2012

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